90 seconds

A Seated Cable Row, shown near its completion.

Jhis exercise when performed to the neck is excellent for developing the muscles of the upper trapezius and rhomboids.

Notes: For the Standing Lateral Raises—note that I call these Lateral Raises rather than the redundant name Side Lateral Raises—you should maintain a 5-degree bend in the elbows. Also, concentrate on accelerating the dumbbells during the concentric contraction, not swinging the weights with the help of the lower back.

When performing the Cable Upright Row, grip the bar so that the thumbs are just outside your lateral thigh sweep, and only pull the bar until it is level with the clavicles. Also, if you find this exercise strains your wrists, try using the rope handle normally used for triceps extensions instead of a straight bar.

For the Bent-Over Lateral Raises, rest your forehead on an incline bench and bend your knees slightly to alleviate the stress on the lower back.

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