Turn Those Calves Into Cows

If great calves are your wish, here is how you can sort through the training myths and command them to grow

4Colf development is in large port determined by genetics. However, separating truth from fiction can go a long way in improving what Mother Nature gave to you.

I n all the classical statues from Ancient Greece, the strongest and most I powerful heroes always had great calves—and with good reason. The I calves are the focal point of the entire physique. At all levels of body-I building competitions, from local shows to the Mr. Olympia, the calves I are the first place the audience and judges look to evaluate the contes-I tants. As a case in point, in his early years Arnold was just another also-ran bodybuilder, indistinguishable from any other competitor except that he was a few inches taller than most. Then, Arnold made calf training his number-one priority, and the rest, as they say, is bodybuilding and moviemaking history. Off the posing dais and into the real world, fully developed gastrocnemius and soleus emit an aura of confidence that will ensure success in both business and the bedroom. To borrow from that famous pantyhose commercial, "Nothing beats a great set of calves!" Yeah, right.

The truth is that although well-developed calves are an essential aspect of a symmetrical physique, they are not given much attention by the average bodybuilder. The calves are not a showy muscle and are often overshadowed by the muscles of the arms, chest and shoulders. And even if a person's calves are so pathetic that they can be sued by his upper body for nonsup-port, the problem can easily be masked with sweats.

Five Foods That Build Muscle

Five Foods That Build Muscle

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