Training on the Reverse Hyper

I would strongly suggest that you start off with sets of at least 20 reps per set because the soreness you get when you start off using this apparatus is incredible. Even the most advanced athletes will piss and moan the first few days after using it.

As you get more advanced on it, I would recommend sets that last an average of 10-20 seconds with fast, explosive concentric contractions and controlled eccentric contractions. Keeping that in mind, I would recommend that at the advanced stage, the concentric contractions be as ballistic as possible with eccentric lowerings in the 2- to 5-second range, depending on the number of reps chosen.

Because the hamstrings are of a fast-twitch composition, you need to train with low reps done in an explosive manner; therefore, the Reverse Hyper is exceptionally well suited for hamstrings.

The machine comes with two ankle belts: one long, one short. The long one is used to work with the feet wide apart, while the short one is used to work the legs when they are closer together. While Simmons has some ideas on the possible muscle recruitment patterns each belt specifically contributes, there are no strict EMG studies on their exact benefits. However, both belts are good, if one respects and understands the physiology behind the variety principle. I would recommend that you change the belt length every six workouts or so.

At this point, I know what you're thinking. No, I do not own stock in the Reverse Hyper; I just believe in it. If you're interested, the Reverse Hyper can be purchased through Dusty Parker by calling (216) 259-3369. Or visit his website at

"I would strongly suggest that you start off with sets of at least 20 reps per set because the soreness you will get when you begin using the Reverse Hyper is incredible."

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