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Benefit 7 Combats Erectile Dysfunction

A recent study of over 31,000 men between the ages of fifty-three and ninety showed that exercise delayed the onset of erectile dysfunction with age and improved sexual performance in those who already suffered from this problem. This research project, conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, found that an average of one-third of test subjects reported problems getting and keeping an erection. Most of the men studied said that they had few problems before age fifty, but 26 percent had difficulty between ages fifty and fifty-nine 40 percent between ages sixty and sixty-nine and 61 percent over age seventy. Men who watched more than twenty hours of television per week, consumed too much alcohol, smoked, were overweight, had diabetes, had a previous stroke, or took antidepres-sants or beta-blockers had the most problems with ED. One of the most interesting conclusions of this study was the connection between overall cardiovascular health and the ability to sustain an erection....


Ginseng falls into the category of herbal supplements called 'adaptogens', which are supposed to help the body adapt to higher levels of stress. Ginseng is extremely popular in the health market and has been used for years. There is no research to say it does anything, but some people swear by it. I, however, remain sceptical and wouldn't recommend it. Indian Ginseng - (ashwagandha) - has been used as a 'vitaliser', and supposedly helps symptoms of various diseases. American Ginseng - (Panax quinquefolius) - was used by Red Indian tribes as a treatment for minor ailments and as an aphrodisiac. It does work as an effective laxative. Korean Ginseng - (Panax ginseng) - thought to improve performance, stamina and concentration. Siberian Ginseng - (Eleutherococcus senticosus) - is very popular, and is claimed to be an immunostimulator, amongst other effects The problem is there needs to be controlled unbiased research into ginseng's actions. I cannot see how it works, as there is no...

What does the research say

Acetyl-l-carnitine in particular has potential uses as an anti-aging supplement. A number of animal experiments have shown improvements in mitochondrial function reduced by aging. It also appears to have neuroprotective and cognitive effects. Both acetyl-l-carnitine and propionyl-l-carnitine have been used as experimental therapies for erectile dysfunction and fatigue associated with male aging.

Be Careful What You Wish

There are certain self-proclaimed steroid gurus who are advocating megadoses of steroids going with the assumption that If you're going to suppress your natural testosterone anyway, you might as well take as much as possible. That line of thinking may sound logical, but all you have to do is take a look at some of the champions from the 60's and early 70's to prove it wrong. Men like Larry Scott, Don Howorth, Sergio Oliva, Harold Poole, Dave Draper, Frank Zane and many, many more made outstanding gains using just a couple of Dianabol a day And they accomplished it without the hideous side effects such as impotence, bloated bellies, and swollen nipples which are so prevalent among today's professional bodybuilders. That's because they knew how to train and how to eat. They didn't just let the drugs do everything. There's a valuable lesson to be learned there. There are certain self-proclaimed steroid gurus who are advocating megadoses of steroids going with the assumption that If...

Supplements That Increase Muscle Gain

If you are thinking of taking mega doses of these products, be aware that prolonged periods of higher than normal levels of testosterone can cause side effects such as increased hair loss for those with a family history of male pattern baldness, enlarged prostate, impotence and acne due to increased oil gland activity. Another point you need to know about most prohormones is that a portion of the testosterone is converted to estrogen. The first prohormone on the market, Androstenedione, is notorious for this. This product can be converted it into estrogen much easier than into testosterone. Elevated estrogen levels in men will cause increased sensitivity and enlargement of the breast and nipple tissue. The medical term for this is gynecomastia, while the bodybuilder slang for this is bitch tits. 2. 19-norandrostenediol (also called norandrodiol) Very difficult to convert into estrogen. Minimal side effects. Causes less skin and hair problems. Can interfere with erectile function in...

Bottomline Bodybuilding

Of course, there comes a time when the body will no longer produce enough testosterone on its own -- at least not enough for sufficient muscle growth. After age 40, levels will steadily decline and by age 50 testosterone is usually about half of what it was in your 20's. This depressing inevitability is something that's been accepted throughout time. Everyone slows up as they age. Muscle mass dwindles. Recuperation takes longer. Fat begins to build up no matter how much you work out or how strictly you diet. Sexual desire is less frequent and less intense. Even your erections are weaker. It all sucks.

What is it supposed to do

Maca is similar to ginseng in that it's considered an adaptogenic plant based supplement. Like ginseng in Asia, maca has been used for centuries in South America going as far back as 8000 BC during the Inca Empire.The concept of an adaptogen basically means that it helps the body adapt to higher levels of stress. Unlike ginseng, however, maca is included in bodybuilding supplements due to its alleged aphrodisiac effects.

Reported Characteristics

Proviron was popular as a post-cycle anti-estrogen. (To keep estrogen from becoming the dominant hormone and to kick up sex drive lost due to low androgen levels) In fact, it is used in medicine as a drug to increase sperm production and eliminate sexual dysfunction in males. In some cases Proviron is prescribed to decrease flow or stop menstruation in females. For males this only replaces the androgens levels, not cures the problems of low testosterone production. Though the reader should note that the decrease in circulatory estrogen in itself promotes increased HPTA activity. At one time Proviron was commonly used year round by many appearance oriented athletes to maintain hardness. Now, according to recent polls, more athletes are using ephedrine and Clenbuterol to replaced Proviron for this purpose. By the way, frequent and sometimes painful erections are side effects of Proviron use. (So ) Actually, an erection that lasts days can cause permanent damage and erectile problems.

What does the research have to say

Studies using yohimbine to boost male libido have been promising, and there is a prescription strength product doctors can prescribe for that use. Yohimbine appears to increase blood flow to the penis while decreasing blood flow out, thus making an erection easier and better. Some cultures consider yohimbe bark to be a real aphrodisiac.

Gain twenty pounds of muscle lose fifty pounds of fat

This tends to be a rather expensive and confusing process which generally leaves the person frustrated, poor, and just plain sour on the prospect of trying anything new for supplements. For example, you have Bob who is taking ribose, vitamin E, and L-carnitine. Then there is his partner Joe who is taking L-arginine, CEE, and MCT oil. Bob's girlfriend uses soy protein, HMB, and chromium picolinate. Lets not forget Joe's girlfriend's friend Lisa who takes ginseng, CLA, and wild yam extract Does this scenario seem oddly familiar to you

Yohimbe Hydrochloride

This supplement has been extensively marketed as giving huge gains to bodybuilders, so why don't many bodybuilders use it It is found as the chemical yohimbine hydrochloride in the yohimbe bark. Yohimbe has been used in medicine to treat male impotence and sex drive. Some studies have indicated that it is involved in reduced fat synthesis and increased fat mobilisation (Berlan, et al 1991 Muller-Wieland, et al 1994), but they are of extremely poor design. It may also help reduce blood clotting, and hence reduces risk of cardiovascular disease (Shah & Goyal 1994).

Some interesting notes

As I wrote earlier, training and stretching trigger the release of prostaglandins by acting on the 2 enzymes that are responsible for their formation Phospholipase A2 is increased which results in higher formation of free (unbound) Arachidonic Acid within muscle cells. Then muscular contractions increase COX-2, which transforms the freed arachidonic acid into PG's. The process can continue for days after a workout. At first, PGF-2 is the most elevated of PG production. FGF-2 synthesis is also elevated but in lower amounts at first. As the training induced muscle injury heals, the amount of PGF-2 production increases progressively. (Which is responsible for much of the anabolic reaction to training) It should be noted that there are several different PG's including PGE-1 which is used as an erectile function drug injected directly into the base of the penis. The result is a sort of inflammation A woody.

Warm Raspberries and Yogurt

Thirty million men in the United States are impotent. No joke. Richard E. Spark, M.D, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, says this number is actually an underestimation of how many men suffer from impaired sexual potency. Even more worrisome is the staggering percentage of male infertility. According to the American Chemical Society, sperm count in men worldwide is fifty percent lower than it was fifty years ago. Needless to say, male performance is a major problem today. The recent boom in sales of Viagra indicates just how popular a potency drug can be in a sex-oriented society when, ironicaliy, such a large number of men can't perform sexually.

Male Performance Factors

Vascular Health which allows an uncompromised flow of blood to the right body parts. This includes vasodilators factors in the form of enzymes and other substances, such as NOS and cyciic GMP (cGMP) which enforce local blood flow to the genitals until a full erection occurs. All of the above work together to achieve full sexual performance. If any one is not intact, impotency may result. There's enough data today to show the correlation between impotency and chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. There's also a clear connection between low levels of testosterone or high estrogen and high prolactin (the female hormone that stimulates milk production) with male disability to perform sexually. Stress is another major factor in male performance. Psychologists and other therapists make a fortune attempting to heal and console men who have lost their sex drive or ability to perform.

The Syndrome of Taking Drugs

As noted, chronic diseases such as heart disease (arteriosclerosis), high blood pressure, high cholesterol, as well as depression, can cause impotency. Blood pressure medications, such as beta antagonists, heart medications such as alpha antagonists, and some anti-depression drugsi can also cause impotency as a side effect. So, here's the catch in order to solve one problem people take drugs, but drugs can create other problems. Disease-related impotence is more often than not treated with drugs that, ironically, may badly affect sexual performancei When you hear about miracle pills, just remember that in spite of a low statistical rate of side effects, most popular potency pills don't work for everyone. .And those suspected to experience side effects are more likely to be those who need it most. As just stated, men who take blood pressure medications or who suffer from heart problems and take medication often suffer from impotency. Then, when tempted to try a potency drug to restore...

Potency Natural Methods to Enhance Potency

As noted, there are many factors involved in men's sexual function. There isn't enough space here to discuss the entire scientific complex of hormonal, neurological, and glandular factors, which are essential for proper male performance. To put things simply, let me just say that hormonal balance is a key to men's sexual function. If one hormone, such as adrenaline, is overactive or if another hormone such as the thyroid is underactive, impotency may occur.

Aphrodisiac Supplements that enhance libido

The word aphrodisiac is attached to many herbs, potions, lotions, and nutritional formulas. Unfortunately most aphro disiac supplements don't work. Commercial companies try to cash in on this or that exotic herb, promising great results, but the truth is that it's very unlikely one single herb can help restore healthy performance in those who suffer from impotency. There are many factors that are critical for sexual performance. Isolating and targeting one or another usually isn't good enough. Many people who experience diminished libido and impaired performance suffer due to a complex set of factors (such as neurological, glandular, hormonal and mental factors), which have taken them out of balance. Often, both physical and psychological issues are involved in impaired sexual performance.

The Warrior Diet Instinctual Living and Potency

As I've said before, the Warrior Diet isn't a cure for everythingi Nevertheless, it encourages instinctual living and thus unleashes the power of your instincts. Primal instincts are based on an inner wisdom of your body to react spontaneously, to both physical and psychological stimulations. An instinct, once triggered, should activate all factors necessary for its specific action. Converseiy, when instincts aren't intact or can't be activated, the body cannot coordinate the different factors necessary for healthy performance. This is exactly when problems occur. Isolating one factor or another as the culprit for impotence is a popular method used by many doctors, who often prescribe specific drugs to treat specific problems i

Hair Loss Treatment

The only ones occurring in more than one percent of patients were decreased libido (1.8 percent of patients treated with Propecia versus 1.3 percent on placebo) and erectile dysfunction (1.3 percent 5ropecia versus 0.7 percent ilacebo). Decreased volume of ejaculate was reported by 0.8 percent of men treated with Propecia versus 0.4 percent of those taking jlacebo.

Now A Few of the upcoming HM Gear Products

This is an orally active near 100 bioactive androgen similar in structure to both products that provides the hardening and strength qualities of trenbolone yet has the dry and tight effects upon musculature of Primobolan enanthate. There are no tren side-effects like tren-dick or progestin induced gyno (Trenbolone has progestin-like qualities and can trigger gyno and impotence when used in higher dosages or long term). Just good hard lean muscle mass gains with superior vascularity.

Nutritional Supplements

On the two-week program I recommend you take supplements to make up for nutrients you may not get from your food. These include the following calcium, vitamin B12, ginseng, various antioxidants (vitamins C, E, and coenzyme Q10), and fiber. You can find these supplements at most health-food and supplement stores. They are sold separately, and sometimes

Vastus Intermedius Lateralis And Medialis

Brand name of sildenafil, a selective type 5 cGMP phosphodiesterase inhibitor, which enhances nitric-oxide-dependent vasodilation in the corpus cavernosum, thus increasing erectile response in males suffering from impotence note that viagra does not initiate or increase sexual drive or desire or affect testosterone levels.

More Action Reaction For More Action

Males that experience hyperprolactinemia commonly develop hypogonadism (the shut down of the HPTA) with decreased sperm production, decreased sex drive and impotence. Those affected normally show breast enlargement (gynecomastia), but very rarely actually lactate. The gyno can initially manifest itself as an increase in fatty tissue under the lower pectorals and a puffy appearance to the areola and nipple.

Ginkgo Biloba and Your Brain

One of the best-selling herbs on the market today is an extract made from the leaves of the ginkgo biloba tree. What makes this stuff so popular Flavonoids. The flavonoids in ginkgo are safe, very powerful antioxidants that can boost your memory and mental alertness. Ginkgo can also be very helpful for cerebral insufficiency, or poor blood flow to your brain, and for poor circulation in your feet, legs, and hands. Ginkgo can also help some cases of male impotence by improving circulation to the penis.

Maintaining Strength Levels

DHT is about 5 times as androgenic as testosterone and receptor-sites in the scalp and prostate gland have a high affinity to DHT. Normally the body produces DHT, in part, as a hormone involved in sex drive and it aids in achieving and maintaining an erection. In bodybuilding DHT and its derivatives were used for their distinct hardening effect upon the musculature. Next he endured a rectal exam to be certain his prostate was not actually dangerously swollen, and he received his prescription. The good news was that he had stopped losing his hair. The bad news is that, like about 2 of the test subjects, he initially suffered a reduction in both sex drive and a decrease in semen during ejaculation. Some (among the 2 ) reported difficulty in achieving full erections. Which sucks, or doesn't whatever. You get the point.

Craving Aphrodisiac Foods Instinctively

On a related matter, I truly believe we often instinctively crave foods that enhance sexuality. These aphrodisiac foods aren't always mysterious, esoteric, or exotic. Actually, you likely consume some very powerful aphrodisiac foods and herbs quite often. Meat, nuts, seeds, seafood, and wine are all considered to contain some sex-enhancing properties. Herbs and spices such as ginseng and gingko, cinnamon and vanilla beans, have been used for thousands of years as natural aids or remedies to enhance sexual performance. Meat and seafood are abundant in zinc, as well as other essential minerals. Maintaining optimum mineral levels is critical for optimum hormonal balance. Zinc is necessary for testosterone production, male virility, and sperm production. Red meat is high in the amino acid arginine. Arginine is essential for the production of nitric oxide (NO) a neuro-substance necessary for erections. Ginseng and gingko are herbs that stimulate the production of nitric oxide through the...

What The Heck Is Diabetes

If someone you love has ever struggled with the scourge of diabetes, you know what a devastating disease it can be. In the year 2000, diabetes was the sixth leading cause of death in the United States. But chances are that this demonic disorder probably contributes to many more deaths it's a leading cause of heart disease, kidney disease, and stroke, and its other complications include blindness, amputation, impotence, and nerve damage. It's also highly preventable and the Abs Diet and the Abs Diet Workout are near-perfect prescriptions. tremeties and vital organs. Blindness, impotence, numbness, and heart damage ensue.

Why An EBook

Freedom of style Any writer does better when he uses his own voice . For example, in a mainstream publication I might have to say, Many professional bodybuilders use dangerous drugs to augment their muscular development. But in my own e-book I can say, Pro bodybuilding is awash in the grotesque, unbridled use of every type of drug imaginable. Steroids represent less than 5 of the drugs bodybuilders actually use today. The full truth is they use up to 30 prescription drugs at the same time and at 500 of the recommended safe dose. They take drugs intended for diabetes, cancer, dwarfism, pain, bloating, cardiology, hematology, impotence and on and on Athletes and regular folks are dropping dead every year and a huge meltdown is coming because the real health effects (tumors, heart and kidney failure, etc.) appear to take about 15 years to show up. Soon you'll be hearing about the failing health of the great names in bodybuilding from the 80's and 90's if you haven't heard already. Try...


Have some real uses for people with high cholesterol, coronary artery disease, ischemic (meaning a reduced blood flow and oxygen delivery to tissues) and even men with erectile dysfunction. As for athletes, the jury is still out for either arginine or arginine alpha-ketoglutarate.

Antioxidant Treat

Ginseng (Panax and Siberian) Ginseng is an adaptogenic herb, meaning an herb that helps you to adapt to stress. I find ginseng to be a good natural stimulator and substitute for those who are sensitive to caffeine. I like to alternate between these two natural stimulants (ginseng and caffeine) so that I don't overdo either of them. Ginseng could be especially helpful during the Undereating Phase. Besides being a wonderful aid against stress, it also contains antioxidant and healing properties. Both ginseng and ginkgo biloba are believed to be aphrodisiac herbs. They boost the body's own production of nitric oxide (NO). Nitric oxide plays a vital role in regulating blood pressure. Moreover nitric oxide is essential for getting and maintaining erections and for sexual potency. This ancient herb (ginseng) has been used for thousands of years. Today, scientists believe it contains more beneficial properties that still need to be researched- I like to mix ginseng with 1 2 teaspoon of raw...

How does this work

And what are those actions, that is what's the output Well, metabolic rate can be adjusted upwards or downwards due to changes in nervous system output and levels of thyroid hormone. Appetite and hunger can change, sometimes drastically. Spontaneous activity can go up or down which is part of why people tend to get lethargic when they diet. Levels of other hormones such as testosterone, estrogen and progesterone can be affected. This is part of why dieting tends to affect women's menstrual cycle and why men who get extremely lean can have problems with libido or sexual function. That's only a partial catalog of the changes that occur.

Anti Proqestin

We often hear of Deca-Dick or trenbolone induced erectile dysfunction. Oddly enough, both trenbolone and nandrolone possess progestin-type qualities. This means that both can bind to progesterone receptors and induce gyno, erectile dysfunction and sex-specific fatty deposits. Faslodex effectively induces a decrease (down-regulation) in estrogen and progesterone receptor concentration. The drug causes the estrogen and progesterone receptors to change shape and become less functional. Without functioning estrogen receptors, estrogen cannot signal the tissues to do estrogenic progestin things like grow gyno, deposit female pattern fat deposits or hinder sexual function. (Nor is there an increase in the female hormone prolactin. Huh More later when we talk about anti-prolactins)

CGMP and Potency

CGMP might be regarded as a sex-stimulating cellular factor. In fact, the drug Viagra works on the principle of inhibiting cellular cGMP reuptake. Sexual arousal is a unique event in which both cGMP and cAMP are activated simultaneously. While cGMP dilates the blood vessels to ensure proper blood flow, cAMP constricts blood vessels to trap the blood in the erectile chamber, which helps maintain a full, steady, stiff erection. The activation of the enzyme phosphorylase diesterase (PDE), which deactivates cAMP, ends an erection, thus allowing the blood to flow out of the erectile chambers.

My Favorite

Human studies have shown a fairly rapid decrease in SHBG and an increase in both total and free testosterone during relatively short-term use of this product. My personal experience has been that post-cycle SHBG elevation is quickly brought into a more effectual range. Naturally an interesting side effect is the fairly common increase in libido and erectile function. (Ya, got to love that one)


Another study suggested that arginine supplementation greatly improved penile function in men with penile dysfunction as NO is essential for blood flow involved in getting an erection. direct uses for people with high cholesterol, coronary artery disease, ischemic (meaning a reduced blood flow and oxygen delivery to tissues) and even men with erectile dysfunction. As for athletes, the jury is still out but arginine is one of those supplements to keep a close eye on for sure. At this time, I would not recommend it to athletes however for increasing either muscle mass or performance. For that use, it gets a thumb's down.

Dirtiest Diet Award

Let's look at sexuality from a biological stand point first. (Sorry, pictures just do not seem appropriate). There are a multitude of receptors in the brain that constantly monitor internal biochemistry. In some cases, specific substances activate receptors that alter behavior and sensations. Androgens activate, or stimulate, receptors in the preoptic aspects of the hypothalamus. These aspects respond by increasing the sensitivity of the pudendal nerve that provides tactile data from the pubic area. These sensations make us more easily stimulated (horny). Heightened sensitivity is not the whole equation however. Though a strong wind was enough in high school to be cause for a large book held low. Cortical activity is another piece of the puzzle. Neurotransmitters are chemicals our neurons utilize to communicate with each other and with different areas of our bodies. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which is released by neurons in the medial preoptic area of the hypothalamus in response...

Stay Away From These

Many bodybuilders have looked on ginseng, first identified as useful in Chinese medicine, as a mild tonic that increases workout intensity and recovery ability, but I've found it largely useless to the bodybuilder. It also seems to adversely affect testosterone levels in the body and may thus set the athlete back in training to some degree.

GH and Contest Prep

This has been utilized as a last minute fix for obvious lagging body parts. PGE-1 came in 1cc vials, providing either 10 or 20 mg. Nollatil, Kaverject (5cc ampules) and generic PGE-1. They are both used in medicine to induce penile erections for those who have such problems. I find it interesting that research has found that regular use, for this purpose, results in permanent size gains.

The Path to Diabetes

This means that if you have not dealt with pre-diabetes, you are now in full-blown diabetes. You're in trouble Blood sugar that cannot be transported by insulin into your cells (and liver) now spills over into your urine, wasting vital energy (Stage 4). Once your insulin has been reduced to impotence (Stage 5) you start losing weight inexplicably. Heavy urination leads to constant thirst. Your body burns anything it can find to fuel its daily operations, putting you in a state of ketoacidosis. You now know that something is very wrong.

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