Electromagnetic Radiation and Human Health

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Transmission Radiography

As shown by three-dimensional reconstruction techniques using other imaging techniques, the shape of the human diaphragm is complex (1-3) (Figure 1), so transmission radiography, even with two views, can provide only qualitative estimates of shape. The silhouette of the diaphragm revealed by transmission radiography represents the most cephalad portion of the diaphragm apposed to the lung, rather than the chest wall from one side to the other in P-A views and from dorsal to ventral in lateral views. The most cephalad portion of the diaphragm, for example, the P-A view, may not lie in the same dorsal-ventral plane and, furthermore, may not even represent a contiguous line over the surface of the diaphragm. It clearly does not represent the curvature of a bundle of muscle in the diaphragm or necessarily any region of the diaphragm muscle. Furthermore, attempts to use radiographic changes at different lung volumes to assess changes in the length of the diaphragm require assumptions about...

Near Infrared Spectrometry

This technique is based on the use of selective absorption of electromagnetic radiation from 800 1000 to 2500 nm in accordance with the characteristic vibration frequencies of functional groups (CH, NH, OH bonds) 41 . There are no absorption bands for minerals in the near infrared region, but organic complexes and chelates may be detected, so NIRS can be used for determining mineral concentration. In the case of meat, the mineral components are associated with the water and protein fractions so that the differences seen in the NIR spectra of meat are mainly due to those found in proteins and to humidity 74 . Thus, the spectral information defined absorption bands at 1114, 1230, and 1474 nm for total iron, absorption for total iron to the first overtone of NH stretching vibration in peptide, 1964 nm for nonheme iron to the combination NH stretching vibration and amide II in amide, and 1574 nm for heme iron to the first overtone of NH stretching vibration in peptide 33 . The absorption...

Irradiation A Hot Topic

Irradiation is a technique that exposes food to electron beams or gamma radiation, a high-energy light stronger than the X-rays your doctor uses to make a picture of your insides. Gamma rays are ionizing radiation, the kind of radiation that kills living cells. Ionizing radiation can sterilize food or at least prolong its shelf life by About 90 percent of all compounds identified as radiolytic products (RP) also are found in raw, heated, and or stored foods that have not been deliberately exposed to ionizing radiation. A few compounds, called unique radiolytic products (URPs), are found only in irradiated foods.

The First Defense Against Radioactive Environmental Toxins

Occurs, there's less possibility for the radioactive minerals to be absorbed into your body's organs. The best way to ensure mineral saturation is by following a daily detoxification routine, in which you ingest live fruits, as well as freshly prepared fruit and vegetable juices during the day. Besides supplying the body with live minerals, fruits and veggie juices are high in antioxidant nutrients and live enzymes, which defend the body against the free radicals created by radiation exposure. Moreover, alkalizing the system will strengthen your body's resistance to radioactive stressors.


Irradiation is a technique that exposes food to electron beams or to gamma radiation, a high-energy light stronger than the X-rays your doctor uses to make a picture of your insides. Gamma rays are ionizing radiation, the kind that kills living cells. As a result, irradiation prolongs the shelf life of food by

Volumetric Imaging

Volumetric computed tomography scans (2, 3, 37-39) and magnetic resonance imaging (1, 40, 41) can determine the configuration of the thoracic cavity. Both methods can be used to determine the detailed shape of the diaphragm (Figure 1), the rib cage, and ribs in normal (1, 2, 38, 39) and emphysematous (3, 42-44) subjects. Such data have been used with engineering analysis to determine the distribution of tension in the canine diaphragm from measurements of transdiaphragmatic pressure (37). To date, use of these methods has been limited to research and few measurements of diaphragm thickness have been made. Clinical use of both imaging methods is still limited by the expense of data acquisition and the laborious data analysis. Computed tomography scans are complicated by radiation exposure and magnetic resonance imaging is complicated by prolonged data acquisition times, which must assemble average data over numerous breaths both can be applied only in horizontal postures.

Ultrasound Diaphragm

Diaphragm Apposition Zone Ultrasound

Ultrasound has also been used to assess the length and thickness of the zone of apposition against the rib cage although dynamic changes in length can be assessed by fluoroscopy (19) this entails considerable radiation exposure. Most of the more recent ultrasound studies have concentrated on this application because the costal part of the diaphragm is relatively close to the skin surface, it is possible to use a 7.5- or 15-MHz transducer, which has less penetration but superior resolution. High-resolution M-mode ultrasound has been used during tidal breathing (20) with two-dimensional (B-mode) ultrasound the two outer echogenic layers of parietal pleura and peritoneum can be clearly visualized (14) (Figure 2). In these applications a small ultrasound transducer is held firmly in a lower intercostal space in the mid- or anterior axillary line (usually on the right side) perpendicular to the chest wall if the angle of incidence changes significantly from...