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It is pricier than all the other books out there, but it is produced by a true expert and is full of proven practical tips.

In addition to being effective and its great ease of use, this eBook makes worth every penny of its price.

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Even though I have only had your book for just over 2 months, through your advice I have already seen allot of gains. Using your rest interval recommendations I have broken my bench press block of 175lbs and have past a long ago best of 265lbs with 275 X 6 with a one time MAX of 319. 8 years ago I had a heart attack and 2x bypass (one week after the 265 set) and have been struggling to come back. After almost 7 years of fruitless effort I decided to get smart about my body and my goals. Your ebook and all of the hot-links have given me a new approach. It doesn't hurt being here in Iraq, you can get real focused and take out allot of stress in the gym.

Why An EBook

I've co-written or edited about a dozen books on bodybuilding and strength training. All of those books are published by a mainstream book publisher. So it would be pretty easy for me to take the info in this ebook and sell it to a publisher. Why didn't I do that this time

Dividing Calories Into Correct Meals

Although all of these strategies, e.g., pre- and post-workout nutrition, eating before sleep, etc., make intuitive sense, and there is some data to suggest they will help, there really is no solid proof as of yet, that they will make a difference beyond simply getting adequate calories of the right types, and in the right ratios, at regular intervals during the day, as this ebook has outlined.

BBR Member Profile Jason Halstead

I was just finally getting around to getting serious about my desire to be healthy and live my lifelong dream of having some good healthy muscles when I found BBR. I have no doubt that finding the ebook and forum when I did saved me a lot of time and money compared to a lot of the crap that is out there.

Types of Fat in the Blood

There are a number of fats in our blood. Doctors measure levels of some fats per unit of blood as part of a heart disease risk assessment. These are known as serum lipids, and the most common ones are discussed below, though there are many more subdivisions beyond the scope of this ebook.

How Can I Get 6 Pack

What forum, what article, what supplement and what eBook doesn't talk about this We all want to know how to get a 6 pack of abs for the summer. Am I right Is it that hard Honestly it is. It's not just as simple as taking a pill. But it's also not as grueling as doing 1000 crunches a day.

What is it supposed to do

It is well established that GH levels steadily decline as we age and is partially responsible for the steady loss of muscle mass, loss of skin elasticity, immune disfunction, and many other physical changes that take place in the aging human body. Explaining in detail the many roles GH plays in the human body is beyond the scope of this ebook.

Dividing the Days Calories

(1) Decide on the number of calories needed based on your body weight in KG X the numbers found in the Simple Method (the example used through out the ebook was bodyweight in KGs X 45kcals). (4) Decide on carb content of the diet, which is simply the amount of calories you have left to fill after you figure out your protein and fat needs. This would be total calories, calories from protein and fat carbs. Using the 200lb example in the ebook, that came out to approx 50 of calories for our 200lb example. Dividing that number by 4 (carbs contain 4 calories per gram) gives you the grams per day of carbs per day.

Word about Diet Supplements Revealed

I want to take a few minutes to tell you about another ebook I have written, which sooner or later should also form part of your library. The ebook is called Diet Supplements Revealed and you can find full information on this website http www. aboutsupplements .com This ebook deals specifically with dieting and losing fat, it also has a very detailed guide which covers the diet supplements currently being sold. So if you're looking for more information about diet supplements - which are not covered here in this muscle gain supplement section - then this is the place to go. The ebook Diet Supplements Revealed is not about the newest 'cutting edge' supplements pushed over the internet, most of which are either dangerous or totally unproven, but about the many diet supplements you have read about but still can't figure truth from fiction. Revealed which has now become something of a legend on the Internet as it is one of the most downloaded ebooks ever published in the health and fitness...

Muscle Ts Anabolic H bottle of 2 pounds goes for over 50 AnHH Xtes SuHl AD sells for over 50 bucks for 90 capsules BNs

Frankly, the price is the way it is because I have absolutely no intention of letting everyone and wannabe's in on these secrets. Or for that matter, to have the information revealed become part of some flimsy 20 ebook. I've even spoken at length with each contributor about not including this information on their sites or in their books.

Earn Money Recommending Diet Supplements Revealed

If you have enjoyed this ebook and have a bodybuilding, fitness, health or weight loss related web site then you can make great money simply by linking to us and recommending Diet Supplements Revealed . If only 3 people you recommend buy the book then your commissions will have covered the cost of the ebook I have known Will for several years and have seen first hand the level of respect and influence he has in the industry. When I was approached to carry his new EBook I accepted with some hesitation and caution.

Closing Points

I hope you've found Informed Bodybuilding Nutrition an educational and enjoyable read. You will now have an excellent understanding of what to eat in order to pack on quality muscle and improve your strength. As I said in Chapter 1, the object was for you to make up your own minds on bodybuilding nutrition issues, and your minds should be wide open to the quest of wanting to find out more. The science of bodybuilding nutrition is ever changing, so I hope this ebook has been a valuable aid to your learning. Most of the fundamental issues (and a lot more) should be clear now and ready to apply into your bodybuilding lifestyle everyday. It's now up to you, if you come across anything you're not sure about or have any questions from this ebook, raise it on and I, and other experienced members, will look into it.

Bottomline Bodybuilding

You'll get immediate access to this amazing eBook download. Filled with addresses, phone and fax numbers, and web sites where you can get what you want. Secrets 2003 enables you to achieve the ideal physique you want, saving money and not getting caught The Secrets Of Mail-Order Success 2003 Edition is the only steroid-shopping guide you'll need

Making an Informed Choice

As I have said, the object of this ebook is for the reader to be able to make an informed choice. At times I will be expressing my opinion, but this will be based on any evidence available, even if it is weak evidence. Many bodybuilding nutrition theories are backed by little research for a number of reasons, including the fact that there is little financial gain from it as supplement companies are already making a fortune without hard evidence. In sports nutrition, proper research is not necessary in the same way that research is imperative in clinical nutrition in order to improve health parameters. I feel it is important for me to teach you a little about the types of evidence available in research in order for you to have a better understanding as to the angle I am coming from in this ebook. It will also help you to comprehend the strength of information I will provide in helping you to make an informed choice.

Introduction Background to the Author

I will attempt to cover all aspects of nutrition relevant to bodybuilding in this ebook, including advice for beginners, off-season, pre-contest, different supplements, healthy diet and much more. I hope to clear up some of the conflicting advice bodybuilders continually hear, and educate the reader so he she can make his her own informed choice. In this ebook, I in no way mean to give individual advice, but I do intend to educate the enthusiastic bodybuilder to learn for his- or herself. Bodybuilding is a science, and those keen enough to find out more and put things into practice, will get better results. Remember, the more you know, the more you'll grow

Medical Disclaimer

This guide is for educational and informative purposes only and is not intended as medical or professional advice. Always consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet or nutrition program. The use of diet and nutrition to control metabolic disorders and disease is a very complicated science, and is not the purpose of this eBook. The purpose of this guide is to help healthy people reach their cosmetic fitness goals by educating them on certain frequently asked questions about fitness and bodybuilding. No health claims are made for this eBook. These nutrition and exercise programs will not help cure, heal, or correct any illness, metabolic disorder, or medical condition. The author is not a medical doctor, registered dietitian, or clinical nutritionist. How to Use this eBook_Error Bookmark not defined. How to Use your new eBook_Error Bookmark not defined.

Herbal Supplements

In some countries herbal medicine and herbal supplements are classified as dietary supplements, and are being used more and more in sports nutrition, so are pertinent to this ebook. Herbs have been noted in some cases to have drug-like qualities, and they are frequently used in cookery for taste and garnish. Many of today's pharmaceutical preparations were derived from herbs many years ago, and some herbs and drugs are very similar in their mode of action. Some cultures still use herbal medicine more so than conventional medicine. Metabolism in the body of some herbs is by the same mechanism as their drug counterpart. The effective use of herbal supplements in both medicine and sports is poorly researched and documented, but is nevertheless, a growing area. It's a subject that is pertinent to the content of this ebook, but if you do choose to use herbal supplements, please buy reputable brands and seek more advice.

Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine is a compound made naturally in our bodies as an energy transporter. It is manufactured in the liver, kidneys and pancreas and secreted into blood for transport to muscle (amongst other) cells. Its chemical name is methyl guanido-acetic acid, formed from the amino acids arginine, methionine and glycine by a process that is beyond the scope of this ebook and boring for a bodybuilder Creatine is probably the most scientifically researched sports supplement ever, providing conclusive results in that creatine does work.

Different Regimens

I will discuss a regimen in detail, basing it around a 10 week preparation diet, as I will assume you have heeded my tips from the remainder of this ebook and only have 1 - 1 stones to lose to be in tip-top condition. If you feel you have less to lose (you are one of those lucky 'forever-lean' folk ), you may be able to prepare in 6-8 weeks. I am assuming you are using a variety of appropriately recommended supplements, and are already eating a high, regular, quality protein diet, with fairly high and regular carbohydrates, some fat, plenty of fruit and vegetables, loads of fluid and are training really hard and enthusiastically.


Using the information found in this e-book, you should now be able to make an informed choice as to which of the popular products on the market to try, and can now construct an effective and safe weight loss supplement program for long term fat loss instead of throwing money away. After two years of selling this ebook, and thousands of people using it to lose fat, it's clear it will help you as much as it has them.


The main thanks has to go to my friend, business partner and fellow Dietitian, Jason Barnham for his help in editing and formatting Informed Bodybuilding Nutrition. Without him the flow of writing would have been hard and my IT skills come nowhere near to putting an ebook together.

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