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You have invested a lot of effort and psychic energy in the lessons you learned on your weight loss journey. Since you and I both know you have a tendency to put on the pounds, I want you to keep a sharp eye for any resumption of weight gain. Maybe Thanksgiving is coming up, or Christmas, or your birthday, or your spouse's birthday, or your vacation. By the time you celebrate any one of those with a bout of unrestrained indulgence, you may find that instead of being 5 pounds overweight you're 15 pounds overweight. Instead of waiting, act now!

Don't get depressed and give up. Even if you do temporarily get off track, continue to exercise and take your supplements. It's crucial that you don't surrender all control. Start with Induction and stay on OWL until you've reached your goal weight again, at which time you should ease back into Lifetime Maintenance. Exercising more vigorously after going overboard will also help get you back on the straight and narrow.

Remember, going straight back to the Induction phase is as simple as beginning Atkins in the first place. Do not go back to Lifetime Maintenance without first losing all you have regained. It's simple. A salad a day, a portion of veggies, plenty of protein and fat and, voila!, you've slashed your weight back in as little as six to eight days, or two or three weeks, depending upon your degree of metabolic resistance.

It's no news to anyone that as we get older, our metabolism tends to slow down a bit, making it harder to maintain the slim body many of us were blessed with in our youth. This means that the CCLM you had in your thirties may not be the CCLM you will be dealing with in your forties, and it is almost definitely not the CCLM you'll have in the decades after that. As you age, you may eventually have to control your carb intake a little more or increase your activity level-or perhaps even both-to maintain your goal weight.

Your strategy here should be very much like the base runner who allows himself to take a lead off first base, but never so far that he cannot scurry back to touch the base should the pitcher suddenly turn to pick him off. Your goal weight is the base you must touch between deviations, and the deviation must never be more than five pounds. Going back briefly to Induction allows you to get back to that number. Experience has taught me that people who regain weight after reaching their goal by doing Atkins-and then don't lose the weight-are the ones who don't go back to Induction at a sign of trouble. The Lifetime Maintenance level they stick to isn't enough to get them back on track.

For consistent success, you must interpose the strict Induction phase between your weight gain and the eventual return to Lifetime Maintenance. This allows you to re-stabilize your blood chemistry and moderate cravings so you can be in control again.

Natural Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss

I already know two things about you. You are an intelligent person who has a weighty problem. I know that you are intelligent because you are seeking help to solve your problem and that is always the second step to solving a problem. The first one is acknowledging that there is, in fact, a problem that needs to be solved.

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