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You've already learned some new eating habits and I would like to see you extend that ability further. You can learn not just what to eat, but how to treat food in general.

We are all plugged into our habits. If you can discover your bad connections and disconnect them, you will start to change. If you can learn new and improved connections and solder them into place, you'll do even better. Try these steps and see if they make your nutritional life easier:

• Eat slowly and extend the meal to give your brain time to signal satisfaction before your stomach is distended and you feel stuffed.

• Don't eat as much as you can; eat as much as you need.

• Don't finish something just because it's there.

• Establish food rituals that slow down the process of eating. For example, set the dinner table-even when you are eating alone-and don't eat standing up at the kitchen counter.

• Don't eat meals in front of the television set or computer, especially not snacks that you could eat great quantities of while distracted without even realizing it.

• Try not to eat while talking on the phone.

• Don't cruise the kitchen during the commercials.

• Eat three meals a day-or four or five smaller ones. Skipping meals leads to unstable blood sugar and cravings, which might allow your bad habits to kick in.

• If you're not staying on the program as perfectly as you should be, start a food diary and carry it around with you. This is an excellent way to bring your eating behavior to the forefront of your conscious mind.

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