Training Routine Notes

Notice on the routine above that some exercises for body parts like forearms, traps, rotator cuff, and inner/outer thighs are still performed for high repetitions in superset fashion (one after the other with no rest in between). The reason for this is because these are auxiliary muscle groups that get enough indirect stimulation from the rest of the basic exercises. Therefore they do not need to adhere to the same cycling principles that the other muscle groups require. In addition, notice that while we do vary the volume of exercise for Abs and Calves, we still adhere to using supersets and pretty high repetitions. This is because these type of muscles are endurance type muscles and therefore respond better to heavy weights performed for a relatively high number of repetitions. This is true of the abdominals as well. As soon as you start being able to do more repetitions for the abdominal muscles than what is recommended in the routine, feel free to start adding resistance to the movement. This will bring a quality to the muscle that is not seen on bodybuilders that do not train their abs with weights. Just be cautious with how much weight you initially add as adding too much weight too soon could trigger either a lower back injury or a hernia.

of bodyweight with the 2 Tablespoons of Flaxseed Oil (or ten capsules of Fish Oils). Again, remember that complex carbs such as potatoes, brown rice, oatmeal, veggies are to be consumed throughout the day and a combination of complex and simple carbs (fruits) are consumed for your post workout meal. Protein is consumed in all meals.

The 6 Principles To Six Pack Abs

The 6 Principles To Six Pack Abs

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