So thats it then thats the diet

So it took me all of these pages to basically tell you to eat nothing but a moderate amount of lean proteins with a few veggies, providing as few calories to your body as possible, so that you can lose weight and fat rapidly? Toss in a multivitamin/mineral and a lot of water and you're done, right? If that was the case, I could have written a pamphlet and been done with it but I have to justify the cost of this booklet somehow. As is always the case with my books, there's more to do it.

What I'm going to propose in this booklet is actually a modified PSMF (no, I won't call it a mPSMF or something dumb like that). The goal, of course, is the same, to provide the body with all of the essential nutrients it needs while minimizing caloric intake as much as possible. This is to generate the greatest/most rapid weight/fat loss possible while sparing as much loss of LBM as possible. I'm simply addressing a few other issues that I feel are important for optimal results.

Gaining Weight 101

Gaining Weight 101

Find out why long exhausting workouts may do more harm than good. Most of the body-building workout and diet regimens out there are designed for the guys that gain muscle and fat easily. They focus on eating less and working out more in order to cut the excess fat from their bodies while adding needed muscle tone.

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