Other thermogenics norephedrine synephrine and yohimbe

In the wake of the ephedra ban (note: only the herbal ephedra was banned, ephedrine HCL can still be found at most pharmacies in compounds such as Bronkaid), many companies have tried to bring non-ephedra thermogenics (thermogenesis just means burning calories for heat which is much of what the EC stack does) to market. Almost without exception, they are crap, full of half-effective (or ineffective) compounds that do almost nothing. Even prior to that various companies tried to bring other thermogenics to the market such as norephedrine (the main ingredient in Dexatrim). While an excellent appetite suppressant, norephedrine is not thermogenic in humans as two studies have clearly shown. It is, however, thermogenic in rats so if you have a pet rat with a weight problem...

A substance with some potential utility is synephrine which may improve metabolism and nervous system output (although through a totally different mechanism than ephedrine). A dose of 4-20 mg/day spread throughout the day is what's recommended. I should mention that some of non-ephedrine thermogenics contain bitter orange (aka citrus aurantium) which is simply a herbal form of synephrine. It's about the only ingredient in most non-ephedra based thermogenics that might be worth a shit.

And then there's yohimbe (or yohimbine HCL which is the drug form), a herb that helps with fat mobilization, especially from stubborn fat areas like women's hips and thighs. The mechanism of action of yohimbe is slightly up to debate. Some research suggests that its effects are mediated through inhibition of one of the hormone receptors on fat cells (the details of this system are in my Ketogenic Diet book and The Ultimate Diet 2.0 book), other data suggest that it works by increasing hormone release from the nerve terminals. In either event, yohimbe seems to particularly help with stubborn fat deposits especially women's hip and thigh fat. Men's abdominal and low-back fat may also benefit. An upcoming project of mine will deal in detail with getting rid of these stubborn fat depots.

But, before you run out and stock up on yohimbe, a couple of things. First is that if you're not already reasonably lean (I'd say dieting category 1 or maybe 2) to begin with, yohimbe won't be of much use to you. The body will take fat off from the most readily accessible areas first and stubborn fat is stubborn for a reason.

Additionally, yohimbe, especially the herbal form, can cause all kinds of weird ass side-effects. People often report a combination of sweats and chills along with a feeling that their heart is going to come out of their chest when they exercise (yohimbe also improves blood flow to the genitals which can lead to some potential embarrassment at the gym; it does not, contrary to popular belief, affect testosterone levels). Finally, yohimbe is best used prior to aerobic activity (the aerobics are necessary to burn off the now mobilized fatty acids) although it still might have an effect for a lean dieter doing the crash diet without aerobics.

As one major caveat, you should never (NEVER) mix EC and yohimbe; in fact, you shouldn't take them within about 4 hours of one another. The reason is that the side effects of each will multiply and both blood pressure and heart rate can really jump.

If you decide to use yohimbe (again, the yohimbine HCL form is the better choice; less side effects) the effective dose would be 0.2 mg yohimbe per kilogram of bodyweight or about .1 mg per pound consumed with 100-200 mg of caffeine. This would be taken 30-60 minutes before low-intensity aerobic activity (preferably first thing in the morning before eating). So a 150 lb dieter would get just under 15 mg of yohimbe. As with EC it's a good idea to start with a half-dose to assess your tolerance. If you are also using the EC stack, your doses should be taken no closer than 4 hours to the dose of yohimbe/caffeine. So you could do a yohimbe/caffeine combo at 7am prior to morning aerobics and take EC at noon and 4 pm.



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