Ending the Diet Introduction

I imagine most dieters are familiar with the statistics showing that something like 90-95% of dieters regain all of the weight that they lost on a diet. Now, there are many reasons that people regain lost weight and fat and it's a topic I cover in greater detail in my book A Guide to Flexible Dieting.

In addition to all of the other myriad reasons people regain all of the lost weight, a big factor is that people seem to think that a diet is short-term only, that once they've lost the weight they can just go back to their old eating habits and somehow not get fat again. While it would be nice if it worked out this way, it isn't. If you go back to the way that you used to eat (what made you fat in the first place), you'll just get fat again. Which means that, to maintain the weight/fat you've lost, you have to maintain at least some portion of your diet and activity habits.

That's the topic I want to address in the next several chapters, how to move from dieting into a maintenance phase that can be sustained. In this chapter, I want to make some introductory remarks and, in the 3 after that I'm going to give two different options of how to eat at maintenance.

I should mention that the full diet break mentioned last chapter is ultimately nothing but moving to maintenance for a 2 week span. That is to say, the information in the next several chapters applies to both the full diet break and moving to long-term maintenance; the difference is only one of duration. First, I want to look at the two most general options for what to do when you're done dieting.

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