A final note about moderate dieting

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As with the crash diet, it is more than possible to diet for too long at a stretch and frankly, I think that most people do exactly that. Basically, they stay in diet mode forever when they'd do better, in the long run, breaking up their dieting phases. As well, and as discussed in much more detail in A Guide to Flexible Dieting (being released at the same time as this booklet), incorporating free meals, refeeds and full diet breaks still applies to more traditional/moderate dieting. The only difference, really, is that the full diet breaks don't need to come quite as often.

For the average category 1 dieter, I feel that 4-6 weeks of straight dieting is about the maximum (occasionally, 8 weeks can be acceptable). After that, a 2 week diet break should be undertaken as described in the past chapters. If further fat loss is necessary, they can move back into moderate dieting. As well, and in contrast to the PSMF, category 1 dieters should incorporate free meals once or twice a week. Structured refeeds should also be used but the details are beyond the scope of this booklet. You'll have to buy either A Guide To Flexible Dieting or my Ultimate Diet 2.0 for the details.

Category 2 dieters may diet somewhere between 6-12 weeks or so before going on a full diet break. Shorter dieting spans are also acceptable but only if weight/fat regain is avoided during the diet break. The same guidelines for free meals, 1-2 per week applies from chapter 10. Category 2 dieters may consider a structured refeed of 1 full day roughly every 7-10 days.

Finally, category 3 dieters are still in a position to diet for the longest stretch without a break. 1216 weeks would be an appropriate amount before doing another full diet break. As with category 2 dieters, they may consider shorter dieting periods but only if they aren't regaining too much weight or fat during the break. Free meals are the same as always at 2/week. Finally, refeeds may be considered at a frequency of 5-12 hours once every 10-14 days. Once again, see my Guide to Flexible Dieting for all of the details and guidelines for refeeds.

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