The rack

Once the kettlebells are cleaned from the ground, a comfortable and solid rack position is essential for effectively performing a double overhead press, push press, or jerk. A good rack position has the following characteristics:

1. Knees are straight but not overextended.

2. Elbows are directly over the hips. It's best to actually rest your elbows right on the bony part of the hip (photo 8). This will allow you to "relax" between reps, letting much of the weight of the kettlebells be supported by your body rather than your arms. If your body type doesn't allow your elbows to rest on your hips, make sure the backs of your arms are glued to your torso.

3. The web of your hand should be deep into the corner of the kettlebell. The handle itself should be diagonally across your hand, resting on the base of your palm. Your wrist should be straight or just slightly flexed.

4. Open your grip and tuck all fingers except the forefinger. You don't need a tight grip on the handle when it's in the rack position. In fact, it's best to give your grip a rest by relaxing your hands.

Photo 4
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