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Corporate wellness programs level the playing field for all employees. They put on their workout gear and get into position for the warm-up, and suddenly everyone is on the same level and an equal opportunity for success is created, regardless of position within the company hierarchy. The results and effects of this can be surprising. Sherry Matthews, who offers a CrossFit Central Corporate Wellness Program for her company said, "It's a total reversal of who are the stars out in the parking lot and who are the stars in the office, and it was a whole new way of people relating to each other."

One of my favorite aspects of running a corporate wellness program is that you become a part of the business culture and a vessel that is used to grow their business. At the same time, the company inevitably becomes a part of your own business culture and allows new outlets for growth. It is a great reward to know that you are truly investing both in helping individuals become fitter, healthier, and more productive and in helping a company to become more fruitful.

Currently boot camps are very trendy within the fitness community; mass markets desire boot camps for their fitness routines. I know corporate wellness is the next step and will take the health of each employee up a notch due to its holistic nature. This system may seem complex, but it is all about communicating with your existing client base. The success of an individualized corporate wellness program is simple: Find a need and fill it with a solution. The efficient, effective, safe nature of CrossFit and its applicability to group training make it ideal for this scenario.

Jeremy Thiel began Olympic weightlifting at the age of 12, power lifting at the age of 15, and kettlebell training at 22. Jeremy is the co-founder of CrossFit Central in Austin, Texas, and has over eight years of experience training large groups. He is a level-3 CrossFit trainer, an Olympic weightlifting coach, and a Trigger Point Ultimate practitioner. Jeremy has trained thousands of high school athletes through his youth strength and conditioning company, PowerPlant Athletics.

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