Brain Boosters

There are natural ways to boost brain neurotransmitters throughout the Undereating Phase. The "empty-stomach factor" can accelerate the deiivery of certain amino acids and nutrients to the brain. By crossing the brain barrier, these nutrients can boost mood, alleviate depression, and give you a feeling of well-being.


Glutamine is a free-form amino acid that nourishes your brain as a daily fuel. The main fuel for the brain is glucose, but when glucose supply is short, the brain converts glutamine into glucose and uses it as a reserve fuel. Glutamine also works as a neurotransmitter boosting the feeling of well-being and assertiveness.

The Undereating Phase is the best time to take glutamine supplements. When you take this amino acid on an empty stomach, it will cross the brain barrier and do its job as a brain booster. However, when glutamine is taken with food, it won't reach the brain. The body will use it as fuel, or to replenish the lining of the digestive tract. Glutamine is believed to be a stress-hormone blocker. On top of all this, Glutamine is essential for the anabolic process. This protein is found in very high concentration in the muscle tissue. Every time you are under physical stress, your muscles lose glutamine. Chronic depletion of glutamine may lead to a catabolic process of losing muscle tissues. Maintaining a proper diet should be adequate to supply your body's demand for glutamine. Nevertheless, it's worth considering glutamine supplementation during the day if you want to boost your mind and muscle performance. As I've said before, use the advantage of the empty-stomach factor through the Undereating Phase to ensure maximum glutamine absorption.

Ginkgo Biloba, Tyrosine, and DMAE

I personally like to take ginkgo biloba to increase circulation, especially in the brain, and to enhance memory. Additionally,

Tyrosine and DMAE may boost your dopamine and acetylcholine (major brain neurotransmitters) if you take them on an empty stomach.

Boosting your dopamine will improve your mood, making you more alert and excited to face the day. High dopamine is linked to an increase of growth hormone. In an indirect way, dopamine keeps testosterone levels high by blocking prolactin (the hormone that stimulates milk production).

A complete list of recommended nutritional supplements can be found in the "Warrior Diet Nutritional Supplements" chapter.

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