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I've already told you [Link To Genesis of SCT] about how we evolved toward Static Contraction Training. From the beginning, I was interested in efficiency. I want to get in and out of the gym as fast as possible with the best results possible. People already knew about the maximum exercise a human could tolerate ... just look at how people became champion bodybuilders ... twenty five sets per bodypart, six days a week!! Yeah, right! I can roll a peanut with my nose, but is that the best way to move it 100 feet? I wanted to know how little exercise would stimulate muscle growth. (Why use radical chemotherapy on a headache? How about one aspirin? Or one half of one aspirin?)

It turns out that when you actually investigate these issues with an open mind, there's a ton of good things to learn:

Do you really need to work out three days a week to stimulate new muscle growth? No.

Do you really need to get back to the gym within 72 hours or risk losing muscle? No.

Do you really need to lift weights in a position of weakness that invites injury? No.

Do you really need drugs or expensive supplements to build 30-40 pounds of new muscle? No.

Do you really need to perform 3 or 4 exercises for each bodypart? No.

Do you really need to work out for 45 - 60 minutes? No.

The truth is that while the human body will withstand all of the above ... it really isn't necessary in order to build new muscle!

Productive, intense, muscle-building workouts can be spaced weeks apart, involve just holding weights in the safest possible range, and can be very brief.

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