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Avoid / Cure A Cold Fast

When it comes to supporting the immune system natural vitamin C is far better than the synthetic vitamin c . Scientists prove through tens of big experiments that the fresh food is still the best source for vitamin c and it still the best route to fight cold. This great guide avoid/cure a cold fast is a great practical guide including all the information you need to avoid or cure common cold. You will get full insight on the four pillars to avoid cold which are daily short exercises to improve immune system, all information you need to attain the quality sleep which proved by doctors to help curing and avoiding common cold, hydrating your body and the guide have a full insight on what to drink and what to avoid and at last but not the least all the information on the best food ingredients to fight cold. The website contains a lot of free information and a lot more to read in the guide itself. Being ill is a very bad way to spend one's life. You don't need to tolerant the common cold any more. Do not stay ill and lose any more money, buy this guide now and revive.

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Curing the Common Cold

If you're one of those people who seems to get one soggy cold after another all winter long, or maybe just one bad cold that you can't seem to shake off, low Vitamin C could be causing the problem. Which comes first, the cold or the deficiency It doesn't really matter each problem is making the other worse. Low Vitamin C makes you more susceptible to illness, and fighting off an illness uses up a lot of Vitamin C. To break the cycle and give your immune system a much-needed boost, try supplementing with 1,000 mg of Vitamin C a day.

The Healing Process of the Cycle

Our ability to heal, and the healing process itself, should never be taken for granted. Vanity often keeps us from accepting that we'll all inevitably face cycles of being weaker and stronger, sicker and healthier. This isn't just a slogan. Look at it like this When you want to build muscle and get strong, you first have to break the fiber. Only then is the body tricked into a healing process to rebuild the tissue. This is similar to how the immune system is built after being exposed to colds, viruses, infections, etc.

Exceeding the RDAs Taking Extra Vitamins as Needed

In 1970, chemist Linus Pauling published Vitamin C and the Common Cold, a small book (just about 100 pages) made weightier by the fact that Pauling had not one, but two Nobel prizes on his shelf one for chemistry and one for peace. Ever since, people have been fighting over Pauling's message that very large doses of vitamin C called gram dosesbecause they provide more than 1,000 milligrams (1 gram) prevent or cure the common cold or his later (unfounded) claim that these doses may also cure advanced cancer.

Zinc Immune System Booster

How zinc helps colds Zinc is very important for your immune system. In fact, if you have a bad cold, taking extra zinc could get you back on your feet several days sooner. Zinc also helps you heal quickly from wounds, keeps your skin healthy, helps preserve your eyesight, and might even improve your memory. It's no surprise that today many doctors and nutritionists tell their patients to think zinc

Specificity Adapting to the type of training

There is a real price to pay for being a specialist at every level, and especially at the elite level of most sports. In his book Lance Armstrong's War, Daniel Coyle explains that Tour de France cyclists don't like to walk. He even states that they will get out of breath walking up stairs Their white blood cell counts tend to be 30 percent below average and their bodies become vulnerable to colds and disease. They push elevator buttons with their elbows to help avoid germs. And they are skinny very skinny. Here is a quote from Coyle's book.

Drugs and Weight Loss Whats Left

Obviously, there are some individuals who respond remarkably well to alterations in diet and exercise. I've witnessed transformations that have literally shocked me. What about those who obtain drastically smaller results from diet and exercise For millions, the answer may be found in drug treatment. The medical profession uses drugs to treat everything from colds to flu, cancer to AIDS. Why not explore the use of drugs to prevent obesity as obesity is strongly linked to diabetes, cancer, heart disease and joint degeneration.

Bodybuilding When You Are

Despite the healthy physical appearance of bodybuilders, we too suffer from the run-of-the-mill illnesses. We start to feel ill and panic sets in, because, not only do we see it as a time where we cannot train and progress, but if the illness affects the appetite, we may actually lose size In reality though, there will be minimal losses from a common cold, tummy bug or food poisoning. Even with a dose of influenza for a couple of weeks there may be some catabolism, but this will be easily got back when you restart training and eating properly. Don't weight yourself as you will have lost weight, your glycogen stores will be low and much of weight loss will be water the scales could make you depressed.

The Modern Spartan Warrior is an athlete

1) We are after a physical body that functions perfectly and effortlessly as nature intended. We should have a high degree of physical strength, energy and endurance. With little or no signs of colds, sickness, aches & pains or disease being present. We want strong bones & teeth, clear eyesight & hearing and to never to see the inside of a doctors or dentists office.

Suggestions For Keeping Your Back Healthy

Low back pain is the most frequent cause of missed work after the common cold it's been estimated that over 90 million people suffer with this debilitating condition. However, with all the knowledge and diagnostic tools that we have available to us today, there is no reason that back pain should continue to plague so many people.

Carrie Amazing Changes in Her Lipid Profile

Carrie was in for some unpleasant surprises. While no one would have considered a 5-foot 8-inch-tall woman to be obese at 158 pounds, Carrie discovered that she had a body fat percentage of 34.5, which put her into a high-risk classification. She thought she knew a lot about good nutrition, but when we evaluated what she was eating, we saw that she was trying to eat mostly vegetarian meals and not doing a very good job of balancing out the three food groups. Her diet consisted mainly of salads mixed with small amounts of tuna, cheese, breads, too many desserts, and pasta, with an occasional chicken breast or omelet thrown in for good measure. When I explained to her why she should be eating 30 percent acceptable fats, 40 percent low-glycemic carbohydrates, and 30 percent lean protein, it was a revelation. She had been suffering from frequent colds and flu and didn't realize how she was compromising her immune system by eating only small amounts of protein.

Nutritional Supplements Dont Even Think of Getting Along Without Them

However, actually ingesting adequate amounts of vitanutrients can be problematic. Scientific studies seeking the maximum effective doses of all the essential nutrients could lead you to conclude that you should take over one hundred vitamin pills a day. Clearly that is not practical, so I have devised a system of nutritional prescribing that I call targeted nutrition. This allows me to prescribe, and individuals to select, a variety of formulations that target certain conditions. For instance, if a person is subject to frequent colds and viruses, he might opt for an acute infection formula such as the one we at Atkins Nutritionals call Cold & Flu. This formula contains the antioxidant vitamins C and A, plus zinc, bioflavonoids and the B complex constituents. All are nutrients that published studies have shown to make a difference in our ability to handle such microscopic invaders. The nutritional agents are not directed against a specific disease or condition rather, they provide...

Ephedra Ma Huang

Ma Huang is an herb that has been used in China for over three thousand years. Ephedra contains ephedrine alkaloids, which are naturally occurring compounds found in plants. Another alkaloid in Ma Huang is pseudoephedrine, which is less potent than ephedrine and is used in common cold remedies.


Many alternative nutritionists will try to convince you that certain supplements, therapies or vitamin and mineral preparations will help you get better sooner. In truth there is little evidence. The most common example of this has to be mega-doses of vitamin C and the common cold. Vitamin C is required for a healthy immune system, but this is easily achieved at a very low intake. There is no evidence that vitamin C supplementation will help recovery from a cold. I would, however, strongly advocate a balanced varied diet with maybe a higher intake of fruit and vegetables during a cold to ensure a good intake of all vitamins and minerals.