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Functional Exercises for Fitness and Combat Sports

Functional Exercises for Fitness and Combat Sports by Matt Ftirey


The exercises and advice contained within this hook may be too strenuous or dangerous for some people, and the reader(s) should consult a physician before engaging in them.

The author and publisher of this book are not responsible In any manner whatsoever for any injury which may occur through reading and following the instructions herein.


Lavout and Design

bv: Vincent K, Lai

In Combat Conditioning Matt Furey follows in the footsteps of Karl Gotch, taking a classical approach to conditioning. This approach is rock sotid. Having used the exercises and having the people 1 coach and train use them, I have found these exercises to be great. Read the hook and learn/'

Kim Wood

Strength Coach ~ (. .manna ti Bengals NFL

"By following the exercises in Combat Conditioning, my strength and flexibility have never been better Even though t am in my mkl-40's these exercises have allowed me to continue to compete at a high level. As a coach, I can say thai anyone who wants to achieve an elite status in grappling or any other combat sport needs to follow these methods/'

Steve Maxwell

Owner of Maxereise Sports Fitness

1999 Brazilian jiu-jitsu World Champion

A7 have found no other exercises that Increase balance> agility functional strength and overall grappling endurance like the hodyweight caiisthenic exercises outlined by Matt in his grappling magazine (GaXnJ and at his seminars. As a martial artist, I've tried everything from long, slow distance running to high weight, low repetition high intensity 'bodybuilding-' style weight training, but found that my time is much better spent doing the calisthenics in Combat Conditioning, t rely heavily on these exercises, as do my students

Jason Crawlorcl, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist

Combat Wrestling Instructor

'In real estate the three rules are location,, location, location. When it comes to combat sports the three rules are conditioning, conditioning, conditioning. Matt Furey will get you in the best condition of your life with his new book Combat Conditioning, t have used Mr. Furey's methods in my own training and with my Taekwondo students. The results have been incredible. Strength endurance and flexibility were greatly improved. Whether you are a striker or a grappler or you just want to be in the best shape possible> get this hook. On a scale from 1-10,! give it an 11, Forget the gimmicks and the gadgets. Ail you need is your own body and the desire to follow the program

Philip Aniens

6th Degree Black Belt

"'/ have found Combat Conditioning so effective that i have made the exercises the cornerstone of both my personal training and the training of my boxing dub. Matt Furey doesn't just teach exercises, however. Combat Conditioning i$ a philosophy of physical culture that stands on its own and will help ANYONE

with the guts to give it a real tryI "

Nathan Hatton

President, Wilfrid taurier University Boxing

''Since I began following Matt Furey's advice on exercise, a couple of chronic injuries have finally started to heal, I have had a chronic neck problem (made worse by rugby) for years, but since following the bridging that Matt has recommended/ am pain-free. I have greater cervical mobility and much greater strength, it's funny but prior to this,, various neck machines and neck harness work did not have the same effect I also have this shoulder that *popsout at various times whenever someone pulls my arm or I reach out Nothing I tried helped. However, after I began the bridging and Hindu push-ups, this popping out no longer happens. A routine of Hindu squats, Hindu push- ups and bridging has improved my overall enduranceallowing me to wrestle for longer periods. Prior to learning this from Matt> / did not believe that I could improve my strength and combat skills without weight training. In each workout I am gaining a little more flexibility and increasing my strength, I highly recommend Combat Conditioning for anyone, athlete or otherwise, who wants to get the most out of himself.

Br, Brett Jacques, NO author of Street Samho

1 < Do you have trouble carrying your groceries or doing other mundane tasks?

2. is your waistline bulging and your energy plummeting?

4. Do you have trouble sleeping at night?

5. Do you wear clothes that hide the way you look?

6. Do you feel you're under heavy stress?

7. Do you fell depressed or down?

8. Can you do 200 Hindu squats without stopping?

9. Can you do a handstand?

10. Do you have lower back and/or neck pain?

11. Are you stiff?

12. Are your muscles sore even though you don't exerc

13. Do you feel tired throughout the day?

14. Do you feel like you have no control over your life? ] 5. Do you get sick easily?

Combat Conditioning: Functional Exercises for Fitness and Combat Sports

A Matt Furey Book / February 2000

All rights reserved. Copyright 2000 by Malt Furey

No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.

Copyright 2000, Matt. Furey

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