Old School Training

When I think of the next section of cardio strength training, all I can think of is "old school." No, not the movie, just the types of exercises you will be performing. Going back to the research done on the Tabata Protocol, we know that performing exercises in a negative rest fashion (rest periods that are shorter than the work periods) is very difficult. Due to the intensity of these exercises, I normally recommend doing them using only body weight as resistance. If I do prescribe a load, it will be something relatively light like a medicine ball or a light kettlebell that will enable you to really push the pace on your reps yet still come back to perform set after set.

Since we know that these body-weight exercises are highly effective in eliciting a metabolic response, we now need to go back to some of the old school calisthenics. These are exercises like burpees, squat jumps, clap pushups, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, etc. Yes folks, time to dust off some of these blast-from-the-past exercises. Why? Because they are some of the most butt-kicking movements ever created!

I talked about the 30-30 intervals earlier, and of course you can perform these calis-

; Increasing the options available for

• conditioning with interval training, : strength training complexes, sled i training, etc., increases the likelihood : that the appropriate training qualities ; will be focused on (speed, power, i mobility, work capacity, etc.). Successful I organization of this conditioning into an j appropriate training plan will continue

• to help drive performance and fitness to : new levels.

: Daniel Martinez, CSCS

: Strength and conditioning coach thenics using this type of timed circuit. But since the rest is longer than the Tabata rests, it is better suited for external loads (weights). When you start getting into 2o-second work and lo-second rest intervals, your body weight is generally all you can handle if you are pushing like you should be.

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