Dumbbell Routines and Exercises

Dumbbell Exercises and Lifting Routines

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You will hear me state that many times you will feel like collapsing onto the floor at the end of a complex or other cardio strength-style interval; I want you to try to avoid this if you can. At the end of your session or set, you want to continue to move or, at the very least, remain standing to avoid blood pooling in your body. Your heart rate will be sky high and you will want to try to slowly lower this over the next few minutes; slow walking is the best movement for your body at this point.

At the end of your training session, a slow, light-paced jog is a great way to gradually lower your heart rate and eventually get back to a comfortable state. In fact, it may actually be an optimal time for this type of activity in terms of fat mobilization since you are coming off a tremendous metabolically-disturbing workout. An easy 5- to 10-minute jog or even a walk will do the job.


Complete 5 repetitions of each of the following movements before proceeding to the next movement. There is no rest in between movements and you will hold onto the bar the entire time.


Holding a barbell with a pronated, shoulder-width grip, lowerthe weight to the top of the kneecaps by pushingthe hips backward and moving the shoulders forward while keeping your back flat. (This is the "power postion.") Forcefully jump and shrug the weight as you jump off the floor. Land with feet flat and knees bent.


From the same position, extend and shrug the weight upward and finish by pulling the weight toward your chin. At the high point of the pull, rotate the elbows under and around the bar and catch the weight at the shoulders with the knees slightly bent.

Barbell warinup complex (continued)


Hold the weight at the shoulders and dip and drive the weight upward. As the bar passes your face, drop your chin so that the weight finishes overhead and above your ears. (Think of pushing the weight with the legs in this movement.)


Sit the bar on your shoulders and open your hands up to let the bar rest firmly on your shoulders. Keeping your elbows high and your back straight, lower into as deep a squat as possible. Push the hips back so that the heels stay on the floor the entire movement.

. Barbell warmup complex (continued)


Position yourself in a bent-over position by slightly bending the knees and pushing the hips back. Brace yourself with your abs and hips as you row the weight up until it touches your lower rib area.


Stand tall with the weight and slowly lower the bar as far as possible while keeping the knees slightly bent and pushing the hips backward as if you are trying to bump them into something behind you. Keep your eyes up and your back flat for the entire movement.

Dumbell warmup complex

Complete 5 repetitions of each of the following movements before moving on to the next movement. There is no rest in between movements and you will hold onto the dumbbells the entire time.


Hold the dumbbells with your palms facingyour legs and in "power position" as described earlier with your hips, back, and shoulders forward and knees slightly bent. Forcefully extend and shrug the weight upward, finishing with a high pull so that the elbows are high and the dumbbells end up at about shoulder height.


Just as in the high pull, extend and pull the dumbbells high. At the highest point of the pull, drop your hips slightly and extend the elbows so that you catch the dumbbells overhead at arm's length.

Dumbell warmup complex (continued)


Hold the dumbbells at your shoulders with your hands in a neutral position (palms facing your head). Descend into as deep a squat as possible, then forcefully drive upward. Press the dumbbells overhead as you are coming up, using the momentum of the squat to assist in the press.


Set yourself in a bent-over position with back flat, hips back, and knees slightly bent. Row one arm up until the dumbbell touches your lower ribs. As you lower that dumbbell, immediately begin rowing the opposite dumbbell upward. Complete the row on both the left and right sides for 1 repetition.

Dumbell warmup complex (continued)


Holding dumbbells in a neutral position on the floor, perform a pushup by taking advantage of the dumbbells and lower yourself farther than you would for a normal pushup.


At the top of the pushup position on the dumbbells, row one dumbbell up to the ribs while keeping the core tight and the body in a flat pushup position. Once the dumbbell is lowered to the floor, row the other dumbbell up. Complete both left and right sides for 1 repetition.

Body-weight warmup complex

Perform 5 repetitions of each movement before moving to the next. Do not rest in between movements.


Start with your hands at your sides and step out as far as possible while lowering the back knee until it almost touches the floor. Drive back to the start position by pushing off of your front heel before repeating on the other side. Complete both left and right sides for 1 repetition.


Placing your hands behind your ears with your feet wider than shoulder width, squat down and explode upward as high as possible. Be sure to absorb the landing by bending the knees and immediately descending into the next squat without pausing.

Body-weight warm up complex (cont/nued)


Start with hands at your hips, squat down to place your hands on the floor and kick out your legs until you are in a pushup position. Immediately jump your feet back underneath you and then jump out of this deep squat position back to your feet.


These are standard, full-range-of-motion pushups.

Body- weight warmup complex (continued)


In a pushup position, take one knee and pull it into your chest so that you are balancing on your hands and one foot. Quickly switch the position of the legs by straightening the first leg and driving the opposite leg up into the chest. You should always have one foot off the ground during this exercise. Complete both left and right sides for i repetition.


Stand with your feet set wide with toes slightly pointed outward and your hands in front of you. Push your hips backward as you move as far as you can to one side while keeping your feet flat on the floor. You will be in a deep knee bend position with shoulders forward and hips back as you move into your side squat. Return to the starting position and repeat on the other side. Complete both left and right sides for 1 repetition.

Dynamic warmup

Dynamic warmup

Perform each of these movements for 2 repetitions of the prescribed distance prior to your outdoor cardio strength sessions. It is important to fully warm up your body and get the muscles ready for this very taxing activity.

Nadal Serve Grip


These are traditional skips where you will take off and land on the same foot before repeating on the other side. The variation here is that you should not be concerned with moving forward very fast. Rather, you want to forcefully drive the opposite knee as high as possible as quickly as possible when you skip with the other leg.


Step and swing the opposite leg as high as possible, attempting to touch the toe with your opposite hand. Try to keep the leg straight as you swing. As the leg comes back down, let it swing backward as far as possible to help facilitate a stretch of your hip flexors as well. Keep your torso tall throughout this exercise.

Dynamic warmup (continued)


This is a standard carioca with one variation. As you perform the crossovers both in front of and behind your body, try to pick the back knee up high as it steps around to the front of your body. It should look as if you are trying to step over your front knee.


Stand tall with your arms extended above your head. Step forward into a lunge and simultaneously rotate and reach backward over the same-side shoulder as you keep reaching your arms up high. You should feel a long stretch on the opposite side of your body as you descend into the lunge and rotate.

Dynamic vvarmup (continued)

Stand with feet parallel. Step out to your side as far as possible and push into a deep side squat both in that direction and back. Bring the feet back together, turn 180 degrees, and repeat in the opposite direction.


Stand with feet parallel. Step out to your side as far as possible and push into a deep side squat both in that direction and back. Bring the feet back together, turn 180 degrees, and repeat in the opposite direction.


Starting in a bear crawl position (on all fours), step the right leg up as far as possible so that it is as close as possible to the right hand on the floor. Push into that stretch and then reach your left hand forward and attempt to step the left leg even with that hand. Keep your hips low and place the bulk of your weight on your hands to get the most out of this stretch.


These are build-up-style runs that gradually get faster with each step you take. Start with a jog pace, then move into a stride to finish with a hard run pace. Think of trying to take large steps as you take off and run.

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Getting Started With Dumbbells

Getting Started With Dumbbells

The use of dumbbells gives you a much more comprehensive strengthening effect because the workout engages your stabilizer muscles, in addition to the muscle you may be pin-pointing. Without all of the belts and artificial stabilizers of a machine, you also engage your core muscles, which are your body's natural stabilizers.

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