But I Dont Want To Neglect My Aerobic Fitness Right

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Of course you don't want to neglect your aerobic fitness. In the 2006 landmark 6-week study done by Tabata et al, comparisons in both aerobic and anaerobic capacity changes were made between continuous and intermittent high-intensity exercise groups. The now ultra-popular Tabata Protocol of 20 seconds of high-intensity work with lo-second rest intervals was compared to 60-minute sessions on spin-style bikes, and the findings shocked just about everyone in the fitness industry. The steady-state group that trained a total of 300 minutes per week showed no improvements on anaerobic capacity and a less than 10% improvement in aerobic capacity. The interval group training less than 20 minutes per week showed a 28% improvement in anaerobic capacity and a 14% improvement in aerobic capacity. Yes, you read that correctly; the interval group had greater aerobic gains. This study proves that cardio strength training can and will improve your aerobic fitness as well!

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Aerobics For Fitness

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