Synaptic Transmission at the Neuromuscular Junction 110

Chemical and Electrical Synapses 110 The Neuromuscular Junction as a Model Chemical Synapse 111 Transmission at a Chemical Synapse 111 Presynaptic Action Potential and Acetylcholine Release 111 Effect of Acetylcholine on the Muscle Cell 113 Neurotransmitter Release 115 The Vesicle Hypothesis of Quantal Transmitter Release 117 Mechanism ofVesicle Fusion 121 Recycling of Vesicle Membrane 123 Inactivation of Released Acetylcholine 124 Recording the Electrical Current Flowing Through a Single

Acetylcholine-activated Ion Channel 124 Molecular Properties of the Acetylcholine-activated Channel 127 Summary 129

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