Generation ofNerve Action Potential

The Action Potential 57

Ionic Permeability and Membrane Potential 57 Measuring the Long-distance Signal in Neurons 57 Characteristics of the Action Potential 59 Initiation and Propagation of Action Potentials 60 Changes in Relative Sodium Permeability During an Action Potential 63 Voltage-dependent Sodium Channels of the Neuron

Membrane 64 Repolarization 66 The Refractory Period 69 Propagation of an Action Potential Along a Nerve Fiber 71 Factors Affecting the Speed of Action Potential Propagation 73 Molecular Properties of the Voltage-sensitive Sodium Channel 75 Molecular Properties of Voltage-dependent Potassium

Channels 78 Calcium-dependent Action Potentials 78 Summary 83

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