Who Is Capoeira Conditioning

The short answer is everybody. Capoeira is for women and men, boys and girls, young and old, fit and presently thinking of becoming fit. This book is designed to provide exercises that air based purely on the movements of capoeira. This means that the body is "conditioned" for actually playing the game of capoeira and is also conditioned for the game of life for those who are not capoeira players.

Capoeira conditioning will work effectively for people who have never done capoeira but wouid like to use these capoeira training movements to get in die best shape of their lives.

"Reallyr" you may be asking. "The best shape of my life?"

By doing these simple capoeira conditioning exercises, you can develop and maintain a high level of useable fitness for everyday living. If you are looking for a capoeira club and intend to get in shape prior to starting, this book is also for you.

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts in a wide range of sports will find these exercises highly beneficial for loosening up the tightness sometimes caused by sports training. The rhythmic and physical components of capoeira conditioning are perfect for cross-training. Mane Garrincha, Peie's legendary contemporary on the Brazilian national soccer team, had amazing "jogo de cintura" {agility of his waist) and dribbling skills often said to derive from his practice of capoeira.

These exercises are a very useful tool for people who already do capoeira and would like to stay in great condition when traveling or otherwise not able to attend regular classes tor one reason or another. Anyone who does capoeira will know how dispiriting it can be entering the roda after time away, because the body feels heavy, the feet are slow, and coordination has decreased. To maintain year-round fitness for the game even during enforced time off, these exercises provide a solution. Many can also be applied to stay in shape while recuperating from injury, so a player can choose specific exercises to train while giving an injured body area a rest.

Capoeira conditioning is a capocira "fitness pill" to take daily to ensure the machine (that is, your body) is ready to piav the game of capoeira or lite anytime, anyplace, 365 days a year.

It should be stressed that you can't learn capoeira from a book. That is a basic truth.

To learn the holistic art form, music, strategies, and philosophy, an individual will need a qualified teacher and fellow students to play die game with. Yet if you follow these guidelines you can use this book to transform yourself into someone with the "pantherlike" fitness and physical condition of a capoeira player, even if you don't know bow to do capoeira.

Please note that even though all the exercises in capoeira conditioning are safe and tried and tested, it is a sensible idea before embarking on any exercise program to consult your physician and discuss what you're going to do. This is particularly true if you have received treatment for problems with your vertebrae or are presently working with an osteopath or chiropractor for any spinal or neck injuries.

How Much Time Will You Need to Spend on These Exercises?

People often overestimate the length of time that is needed to get into great condition. This is in some ways the legacy of the marathon running revolution of the past quarter century, which basically involved running long distances incredibly slowly. It is not the intention here to knock running, which is an excellent exercise, fun, (and totally free J. It is not, unfortunately, a particularly well-balanced exercise. Yes, our ancestors ran long distances, though not on concrete and tarmac.

The jogging or marathon boom, even the mass-participation fun-run and 10k mini-boom, often meant nr least half an hour of running every day, with a regular one- to two-hour "Long Steady Distance" (LSD) run on Sunday morning. Speak to any runner long enough and you'll be treated to a compendium of past injuries that reads like a logbook from die accident and cmcrgency ward.

Currently, a lot of people are extremely busy and want to build overall fitness without having to use vast amounts of rime or running great distances. Capoeira conditioning is a more well-rounded solution,

It can also cfFcctivcly replace a run on a rest day and provide a brilliant cross-training session to utilize the muscles in a completely new and refreshing way to help avoid the repetitive stress injuries often associated with running.

The running boom was closely followed by a weight-training boom, which has also resulted in people spending large amounts of time in the gym effectively doing nothing but looking in the mirror w hile they wait for their musclcs to recover between sets. Most fitness enthusiasts have been there—pushing the iron, waiting distractedly for those stubborn varmints to grow, and standing patiently in line hoping to get a shot at the peck deck sometime before the end of the next century. Any exercise system that involves spending more time standing in iine feeling impatient than training needs a rethink and some fine-tuning.

Train Smart, Not Long.

Did you know that Roger Bannister cracked the 4-minute mile on half hour training sessions three or four times a week? He did this to tit his world record training in with his university studies. Even when he decided to increase his workload for the final push in breaking through one of athletics' greatest barriers, he jogged 10 minutes to the local track, knocked off ten 400-meter sprint intervals of around 60 seconds each, with two minutes' rest in between. A 10-minute jog back to the hospital saw the whole session finished in 48 minutes, leaving him 12 minutes to cat his lunch out of an hour's lunch break. Did you know that Dr. Franco Coiumbo won a Mr. Olympia tide on just a fraction of the gym time used by his competitors so that it wouldn't disrupt his chiropractic studies? These were competitors who trained smart rather than long and diis is the way many people would rather train in today's world.

Most people spend time juggling various different activities, multitasking, often commuting, attempting to devote quality time to family, and so forth. Have you ever tried to justify that two-hour run or trip to the gym to a stressed-out partner who really doesn't understand exactly why a six-pack takes precedence over family life or an occasional meal together? And yet you've been behind die desk all day and tfyou don't sweat out some of that energy soon you know you're going to explode!

Capocira conditioning can be fitted easily into a corner of the day and will have you glistening with sweat and pumping oxygen-infused blood in 15 minutes fiat. No one even needs to know it ever happened. You'll be ready for a shower and can relax and get on with your life confident that training-wise, today was mission accomplished. That's a promise.

You'll experience a whole body workout and there is no downtime. You can do a very effective conditioning session in as Eittle as 15 minutes of active training. To many people this sounds unrealistic, and yet it's completely logical! All you need is a shift in consciousness as to whether all that LSD Or "mirror-time" is really necessary.

Fitting Exercise Into A Busy Schedule

Fitting Exercise Into A Busy Schedule

Fit exercise into your busy schedule? Thats as absurd as saying that there are eight days in a week! First, youve never exercised before or engaged regularly in a sport second, youve never been into the fitness crowd and have had meager time for such pursuits, and third, youre far too busy to even think of exercise.

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