This is a front kick delivered from the floor. Do a cocorinha (No. 1). Keeping your feet flat on the floor, tip back onto your hands, with your fingertips directed away from your body. Your body weight is now evenly distributed between your two hands and two feet, hence the name "queda de quatro" (falling on four). Immediately raise one leg and thrust it upward with your hips. This thrust upward of your straight leg is the kick called "chapa." Collapse your hips back down into queda de quatro again and dirust up your straight leg kick on the other side. This can be done from a flat foot or on die toes, as demonstrated in the photo. Repeat side to side steadily.

Breathing inhale in queda de quatro and exhale as you thrust up into the chapa kick. Or you can hold die movement at tile top of die kick and remain static for 5 or 6 deep inhalations and exhalations while in the chapa position. In the latter exercise, just remember to exhale on die way up and inhale on the way down.


Thrust your (tips as high as you can and straighten your kicking leg.

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