M Wrist Rotation


Note: Your body is only as strong as its weakest link, and in capoeira that weakest link is often the wrist. Don't neglect to warm up and stretch yonr wrists thoroughly before doing bridges or cartwheels in capoeira). It is better to exert pressure on your wrists in a graded, steady way than to immediately launch Into a jarring au-type movement or a bananeira, which may create a glitch in your wrist that will spoil your workout.

Even experienced capoeiristas sometimes find that after one movement with the weight on their hands, one wrist is giving them pain. Therefore, do some of these wrist warm-ups every time you play capoeira or do any capoeira conditioning exercises that require you to hold your weight on the hands.


Hold your arms straight out in front of you at shoulder height with the wrists bent and fingers pointing upward. Rotate wrists so the fingers move inward, then downward, then outward. Rotate 25 times in this direction, and then 25 times in the other direction.

Breathing Breathe freely.


You may find that your shoulders, forearms, and wrists become fatigued by doing the recommended 50 reps total. Persevere and try to focus on putting the wrists through the fullest range of movement. If you get tired, slow down, breathe deeply, and try to relax your shoulders as you rotate your wrists.

Health and Fitness Benefits

Wrist tension or movement restriction will impede capoeira profi-eicncy and snake certain movements (for instance, the bridge) more difficult. Mobility in the wrists will increase the mobility in your elbows and shoulders too. The warm-up will help prevent injury to the hands1 nerves and tendons.

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