Ginga with Cocorinha Squat

Flexibility-stretch. Agility* Cardio. Power. Coordination. Accelerated Fat Burner.


In this tough exercise you combine No. 3 and No. 4 together for a very effective workout. Begin in basic cocorinha position and as you come up slide your right leg back into a ginga movement. Once the right leg comes forward and parallel again, drop into cocorinha. Spring up, sliding the left foot to the back. Alternate using ginga from side to side with a cocorinha in the middle position.


Try nasal breathing: exhale on the way down, and inhale on the way up.


Get into a rhythm with this and shoot for LOO reps in 5 minutes, 200 in 10 minutes, or 300 (even more if you're very conditioned) in IS minutes. Count each drop into cocorinha as a single repetition. You can also do the cocorinha-ginga combination with a reverse twist (No. 5) or ginga with a full twist at die waist (No. 6).

Health and Fitness Benefits

This is a fantastic conditioning workout for your heart and lungs, your lower back, your ankles, your spine, and your thighs. If you do this combination for 5,10, or 15 minutes you'll find it really gets your heart pumping and works up a sweat.

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