Ginga with a Reverse Twist at the Waist

Flexibility-stretch. Coordination. Agility, Cardio. Fat Burner.


Do ginga in a similar way to die regular movement, except when your weight is on the ball of the back right foot, twist at the waist to your left, taking your left arm straight out behind you and looking over your left shoulder.

Stay in this position for a beat and then shift back to die frontal position, swap legs as in regular ginga, and when your left foot is hilly extended back, twist to die right in the same way, right arm extended behind you and looking over your right shoulder.


Breathe freely.


Twist fully and try to reach back and rotate your waist, spine, and ncck as far as you can for maximum benefit. Imagine you are wringing water from a towel as you twist your waist.

Health and Fitness Benefits

This rotation of your spine and neck loosens you up for many capoeira movements, helping to maintain mobility and fluidity die whole length of your back.

Capoeira Movements
Spartans Routine

Spartans Routine

Fitness is the biggest issue of todays society because technology has improvised our lives so much that people do not move a lot and this lazy working routine and tiring mind works make people unfit physically.

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