Ginga basic capoeira footwork

Agility. Coordination. Balance. Cardio. Fat Burner.


Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart with your knees slightly bent. Slide one leg back and rest most of your weight on the ball of your back foot, with die heel up. The sole of your front foot should be fiat on the floor (both knees remain bent throughout die whole sequence). Simultaneously raise your arm and hand and swing it to the front of your face or chest on the same side as your back leg.

Transfer your weight back to the front foot, simultaneously slid ing the back foot to its original parallel position. Switch arms and legs so that your other foot slides back and your other arm swings up in front of your body.

Capoeira Moves


Breathe freely.


Don't drop the back heel. Be on the ball of the back foot. Lean forward slighdy at all times in the ginga, and remember it's a dance step, so get into a rhythm and swing from side to side. "Gingar" is die verb "to swing" in Portuguese.

Don't straighten the front leg or raise the front toes when you do ginga. Note: The description says to slide your foot back; it doesn't have to keep contact with the floor, although it doesn't rise very high either, maybe just one or two inches.

Health and Fitness Benefits

This is a great exercise for balance and coordination. If you do it to music, try various tempos; at a faster rhythm it is a good aerobic exercise.

Capoeira Movements
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