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Linda Allen is a professional health expert who has worked as a health consultant and medical researcher for more than 17 years. Linda has worked with many experts to create the special online guide called Yeast Infection No More. The program had helped many yeast infection sufferers to cure their yeast infection permanently. Linda Allen explains the causes of yeast infection and the various forms it can take, describes all of the signs and symptoms that can develop in different parts of the body, and explains what the consequences of a severe infection can be. She then goes on to describe how conventional medical approaches to the treatment of yeast infection differ from complementary therapies. This treatment program is based on the principle that a single approach to yeast infection is not going to work. You need more. Treatment has to be a combination of different approaches which tackle every aspect of the problem. Taking such a holistic approach will permanently get rid of your yeast infection and all of its side effects. Continue reading...

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The Simple Step-by-step Guide to permanently cure your yeast infection. How to treat Any Yeast Infection. In Pregnancy, in babies, men, children, elderly, in people who are ill. All the Signs and Symptoms of Yeast Infections, thrush or Candida albicans. Everything about the Cause and Treatment of Yeast Infections.who, what, where and why. Access to a Private Members Only Web Site with Over 350 photographs. Continue reading...

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Yeast Infection Free Forever is an easy-to-follow program packed with all the information you need to help cure your yeast infection issues, permanently. Not only can the system be downloaded and used practically anywhere, the instructions are made in a straight-forward fashion. So, you’ll get a full understanding of your issue; the symptoms associated with your form of infection, then the exact steps to KILL IT! Continue reading...

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Inside you'll learn: Discover exactly how to kill yeast infections from their roots and spores. No, there aren't any drugs that you can take that can do this, but there is an all natural cure. I show it to you here! Many drugs have harmful side effects! Find out what they are. PLUS I give you more powerful natural alternative remedies! There are some foods you absolutely MUST avoid if you want to cure your yeast infection fast. I show you what they are and give you a detailed report on the dietary MUSTS. Men will find out how to get rid of those nasty red scaly patches of skin on the penis, not to mention dry, cracked skin on the head of the penis, which is also common. You won't find this information anywhere else! Find out the types of yeast infection that you CAN and CAN NOT use certain treatments on. Continue reading...

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Yeast Food Intolerances and Thyroid Problem

If you've been eating a high-sugar diet for years, it's quite possible that your digestive tract has an overgrowth of an organism called Candida albicans. In addition to overgrowth of yeast in the gastrointestinal tract, most people also experience an allergic inflammation of the mucous membranes throughout the body. This can result from exposure to environmental mold (in your cellar, for example) or eating foods that contain yeast. Symptoms include constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, heartburn and even abdominal pain and rectal or vaginal itching. All are a sign of yeast overgrowth in the mucous membranes. Symptoms such as fatigue, depression, headaches (even migraines), post-nasal drip, brain fog and water retention are often signs of allergy resulting from exposure to environmental mold or mold in food products such as cheese and nuts. In addition to its other annoying or painful symptoms, Candida overgrowth or allergy can keep you from losing weight by causing cravings for...

Identification of Microbes by Miniaturized Methods

Miniaturized methods to reduce the volume of reagents and media (from 5 to 10 mL to about 0.2 mL) for microbiological testing in a convenient microtiter plate which has 96 wells arranged in an 8 X 12 format. The basic components of the miniaturized system are the commercially sterilized microtiter plates for housing the test cultures, a multiple inoculation device, and containers to house solid media (large Petri dishes) and liquid media (in another series of microtiter plates with 0.2 mL of liquid per well). The procedure involves placing liquid cultures (pure cultures) to be studied into sterile wells of a microtiter plate (ca. 0.2 mL for each well) to form a master plate. Each microtiter plate can hold up to 96 different cultures, 48 duplicate cultures, or various combinations as desired. The cultures are then transferred by a sterile multipoint inoculator (96 pins protruding from a template) to solid or liquid media. The inoculator is sterilized by alcohol flaming. Each transfer...

The Allergic Connection

It is important to remember that yeast overgrowth stresses the immune system, undermining your total health. When it comes to weight loss, a yeast overgrowth, in combination with mold sensitivity, may lead to a suppressed metabolism. This may deplete your body of the energy it takes to burn fat. Of course, there may well be other causes that we haven't yet identified. I think that the complete explanation of what Candida overgrowth does to the human body is still well in the future. (For a few common annoyances, see Did You Know These Conditions Are Yeast Related on page 337.) But I do know from my medical practice that this is a problem that can cripple weight loss efforts.

None of the Above

Once medications, thyroid problems and Candida are brought under control, we can quite logically expect that almost ninety-nine percent of overweight people who do Atkins diligently will lose and keep off weight. But since there are 150 million overweight Americans, even the remaining one percent means that there are one and a half million metabolically resistant people who still need help. For that group, I suggest something more than the Induction phase's 20-grams-of-carbohydrate-a-day meal plan.

Yeast Reactions

Candida albicans, the culprit's medical name, is one of four hundred species of indigenous organisms residing in the human intestinal tract. In other words, Candida is a normal part of us, and, in healthy competition with our other intestinal flora, it serves us well. Candida, however, is an opportunistic organism and at the first sign of stress it has a tendency to spread inappropriately. When it does, you have a yeast overgrowth-and, very often, yeast sensitivity. The symptoms are extremely common One in three people may be subject to them.


Probiotics, or beneficial bacteria, are essential in dealing with yeast. If Candida albicans has overgrown, then repopulating your insides with good bacteria that compete with Candida is certain to be helpful. I recommend that you find a probiotic compound that contains not only acidophilus-which is a direct inhibitor of yeast overgrowth-but also such other beneficial bacteria as bifidobacterium and bulgaricus. Preparations that do not need to be refrigerated are preferable. The best products are sold in dark glass or plastic light-screening containers. Make sure that the probiotics are not in a milk base. It's worthwhile paying a bit extra to get a really good product.

Cure Your Yeast Infection For Good

Cure Your Yeast Infection For Good

The term vaginitis is one that is applied to any inflammation or infection of the vagina, and there are many different conditions that are categorized together under this ‘broad’ heading, including bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis and non-infectious vaginitis.

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