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Anybody involved in competitive boxing will have to eat within the constraints of a diet that will not jeopardise their weight, to stay within their weight division, as well as being in top fighting shape.

As you are unlikely, at this stage, to be too concerned about making a particular weight, you can just concentrate on eating to train to the best of your capabilities. Only when you get into top shape can you consider the idea of competition.The food you eat is of the utmost importance. If you were going on a long road journey you would automatically ensure that your fuel tank was full, and before returning you would refuel the car: So many people will put premium fuel in their car but treat their body to substandard, and often insufficient, fuel.

There are now so many worthy, informative books on sports nutrition, written by professional nutritionists, that everybody can find out exactly what they need to be eating for their specific sport. Sadly few of them give any advice on what you require for boxing, and tend to advise on diets for running, cycling and swimming; even the good American books do the same but throw in "soccer" as well, as American women have taken to it with great success.

I have therefore put together what I hope will explain what you should be eating to get in fighting condition, using the advice I have given to students over many years.To my knowledge, none of them have died from it, and most have become very fit, or at least fitter:

Do not suddenly become monkish about it, giving up all your current diet to switch to rice and lentils. Make some gradual, tolerable changes over your training period to a more suitable source of fuel. You will very possibly find that what I advocate will not require a great deal of change from your current eating habits: just remember that if you up the level of yourtraining, you will need an increased food supply of the right sort.

Our main source of energy comes from carbohydrate, protein and fats. Other food constituents are vitamins, minerals and water: Vitamins and minerals play essential roles in our chemical process; we all need water for all our major functions (about 60% of our body is composed of water).

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