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This is a very demanding workout. I must stress that anyone attempting it should be fit and have been weight training regularly for some months before embarking on it. Rest 2 minutes between each set (no abs work, just rest!). Sip water between sets. A training partner would be of significant benefit, primarily to "spot", but also to encourage each other:

warm-up-10 minutes aerobic pre-stretch-6-8 seconds per body part.

I set of 15 reps using only the bar (this is to "warm up"), followed by 6 sets of 6 repetitions.

This should be performed with as heavy a weight as you can manage for the 6 repetitions.

You will need a "spotter" or alternatively use machine.

HGI Bench press (see fig. 8.2)

I set of 15 repetitions using a low setting to warm up. If performed with free weights by doing single arm rows, use a light dumbell to warm up.

Using the "v" grip attachment on the lat-pulldown machine, 6 sets of 6 repetitions as heavy as you can manage for the 6 repetitions.

Alternatively 6 sets of 6 repetitions of single arm rows with as heavy a dumbbell as you can manage for 6 repetitions.

HG2 V grip pulldowns or single arm rows (see fig. 8.3)

Can be performed with barbell, dumbbells, in squat rack, or using Smith machine.

Start with I set of 15 repetitions using no weights, to warm up.

Perform 6 sets of 6 repetitions using as much weight as you can manage for the 6 repetitions.

HG3 Squats(seefig. 8.10)

Can only be performed authentically with a barbell to achieve the desired action and results. If you are not totally confident of your deadlift technique you must get assistance from a qualified instructor

Warm up by performi without weight.

Follow with 6 sets of 6 repetitions with as heavy a weight as you can manage.

HG4 Deadlifts cooldown-10 minutes aerobic post-exercise stretch-minimum 30 seconds per body part (see section on flexibility and stretching p. 124).

Summary of 6x6 (Free Weights)

Warm up, pre-stretch 5-6 seconds

5 mins

Bench press

6 sets x 6 reps

Single arm rows

6 sets x 6 reps


6 sets x 6 reps


6 sets x 6 reps

Cool down, post stretch 30 seconds

5-10 mins

If you are even moderately unsure of your technique on any of these exercises, due to the effort you will expend don't be too proud to get an instructorto help you perfect yourtechnique.

All your exercises must be performed slowly and with full control, using the full range of motion.Take 2-3 seconds to lift the weight, pause for 1-2 seconds, then take 2-3 seconds to lower weight.

This routine should only be performed once a week, and then only for a limited number of months before changing. It pays to change your routine at regular intervals as when your body becomes adept at working in a certain exercise pattern there is a tendency to plateau when you stop making positive progress in strength gains.

Make sure that 2-3 hours before you train, you drink a couple of glasses of water and try to eat a high carbohydrate meal or snack. If you are at work and this is inconvenient, try to get hold of some fruit or yoghurt. A sandwich with a protein filling (fish, egg, or cheese, for example) would be better than nothing. If you have experienced fatigue during training, grab a bottle of sports drink, such as Lucozade or Isostar; and "top up" during your workout. I realise that hard-working people do not have the luxury of sitting down to a nutritionally balanced meal as prescribed by their personal trainer:

After your workout you will need to refuel. Again, if you are dashing back to work, or have to catch the train, you will need to pickup something ready-made. Go for fruit, milk, one of the many "smoothie" drinks available, yoghurt, a sports bar: When shopping, pick up a multi-pack of raisins in small boxes; throw one or two into your bag when you pack your kit.

Try to eat within two hours after your workout; failure to eat at all is like asking a builder to extend your property by supplying the plans but no materials.

If you have got home fairly late, eat a light meal, for example salad with lean meat or sardines, pasta with a tomato-based sauce, a tin of soup, or a jacket potato.

The next day aim to incorporate a more aerobic-based workout, which should, after a little initial stiffness, loosen you up.

This workout will not suit everybody, and takes quite a lot of adherence. Some people I have put on it have sworn by it, and still do in many cases. Others have detested it and given up on it after a short period. Like all training, you will not know how much you are willing to extend yourself until you actually try. Do not be put off by other users lifting much heavier weights than you; you are not competing with them and this is only one element of your varied training regime, whereas weight-training is probably all they ever do. Be happy with your own gains, no matter how small: you ore making an improvement.

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