Box jumps

Improves ankle joint strength, improves r , , , b.l bhadowbox with hand push-off from rear foot which is essential in punching, especially regardingjabs and straight punches.

You will need a step box, similar to the Reebok version, which must be sturdy and stable, placed on a firm surface.

Beginner level using I box

Start by standing alongside box. Jump sideways, two-footed onto box,

Side Side Box Jumps

then off the other side to land two-footed. Continue jumping from side to side, taking two bounces on the box and on landing.

Intermediate level using I box

As beginner; but now taking only one bounce on the box. Graduate to taking a single bounce on landing as well.

m rd

Advanced level using I or more boxes

Clear the box completely with a two-footed jump from side to side. Once competent try with 2 or more boxes, clearing each individual box without landing on it. Leave about 2 foot between the boxes. At this and the highly advanced stage, the intention is to develop explosive lateral power:

Be patient, and satisfy yourself with short periods, such as half a minute to start with, building up in 10-second Increments, until you can last for 3 minutes—your ultimate target. When you jump, perform a sweeping upward motion of the arms, raising your hands forward to level with your shoulders. I recommend wearing running shoes with heel support for minimum discomfort to calf area.

Highly advanced (killer) level; using 5 boxes and one "motivator"

The motivator faces the jumper and then moves laterally changing direction frequently and abruptly.The jumper has to "mirror" the lateral movement, clearing the boxes as the motivator does. Masochists can do this with hand-weights.

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