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Tumbling is a great way to enhance mind and body awareness. These drills will improve coordination, flexibility, and balance.

Forward Roll - Start in a squat position with the majority of your weight supported by your legs. Push off with your legs from this position. Your legs should be tucked in closely. Your head should remain down as you look towards your abdomen. Keep your feet tucked in throughout the roll. As soon as they touch the ground, you must thrust up to stand on your feet. Your hands should not touch the ground. The momentum from the roll will power you to your feet.

Ending Position Starting Position

Reverse Roll - You can reverse this movement by performing a reverse roll. You can start from a standing or squat position. Push backwards with your legs to initiate the momentum. As you move backwards, tuck your legs and keep your hands in close. You should look at your abdomen with your head tucked closely. As you begin to roll over, use your hands to push off the ground to take some of the pressure off of your head and neck. You will remain in a tucked position until your feet prepare to hit the ground. Push off explosively to return to a standing position.

You can incorporate the Forward and Reverse Roll into a continuous movement. Begin with a Forward Roll and immediately return to your starting position with a Reverse Roll.

Another option is to end your roll with an explosive jump such as a Star Jump. For example, roll forward and as you come to your feet, explode upward into a Star Jump. These drills do not take long to practice but will provide tremendous benefits to your balance and body awareness.

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