Putting It All Together

I have listed a plethora of abdominal and core exercises for you. Now what do you do? The answer is simple. You MUST include these exercises in your routine. There is no need to perform each exercise on a daily basis. Instead, you should incorporate variety into your routine. It is amazing how many athletes perform the same two or three abdominal exercises every day. I cannot overemphasize the importance of variety. By selecting different exercises, you continually keep your muscles "guessing". If you train the same way every day, you will plateau with results coming at a snail's pace. I have provided several sample routines in

a later chapter. Do not limit yourself to the routines that I have created. A Warrior must think for himself. You need to be creative and continue to find new ways to challenge yourself.

Many of the exercises listed in this chapter "appear" to be easy. For example, the Plank looks like a simple exercise. WRONG! Try to hold the Plank for five minutes. The burn throughout your abdominal wall and core will be unbearable! Each of these stationary exercises provides an intense workout for the body and mind. You have to push yourself to continue. Always look to improve your time. For example if you can hold the Plank for 1 minute, try to push yourself towards 2 minutes. Keep challenging yourself and you will continue to improve. Do not settle with your current strength and fitness. I know athletes who work the abs with 4 sets of 50 crunches. These guys have been following this routine for as many years as I can remember! They never change exercises or increase the number of repetitions. They may have the six-pack look but are all show and no go.

The exercises that I have included in this chapter are ALL that you will ever need to develop a powerful core. Your core will enable you to punch harder, kick stronger, and manhandle your opponent on the ground.

The fitness industry makes millions of dollars each year with abdominal equipment and fad diets. You do NOT need ANY of these abdominal exercise machines. I do not care who endorses the product and what the money back guarantee is. You can forget about all the fancy abdominal training videos and books that promise to give you the abs you have always wanted. There are several "sports performance" core-training devices that promise to shock your midsection.

Forget the bullshit! I am telling you that you do not need any of these contraptions.

Stick with the exercises in this chapter and you will develop the core strength necessary to take you to the next level. Save your money and stay away from the expensive gadgets. "Core training" is the newest trend in the fitness industry. So-called "fitness gurus" are eager to take your money. They will tell you that you need their contraption to develop explosive strength and knockout power. It is all nonsense. Give these exercises a try and you will not be disappointed. You have my word and my word is my bond! I am from the old school, I stand by my word!

The Warrior's Way

"The man that conquers himself is superior to the one who conquers a thousand men in battle." - Buddha

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