Master the headstand and you will have an exercise that improves balance and neck strength while impressing all onlookers. I began to integrate the headstand into my routine after witnessing Junior Welterweight world champion boxer Kostya Tszyu finish a workout with a ten-minute headstand.

Be patient mastering the headstand. It will take time. You can begin by balancing your knees on your elbows in the tripod. Once comfortable, you can

slowly begin to raise your legs from this position until you are able to hold yourself upright with legs fully extended. Try this with a coach or partner so they can prevent you from falling. If you start to fall, tuck your head in towards your chest and push off with your hands. Neck training is important but dangerous. If you feel any pain, stop immediately. If done correctly however, this is one of the best ways to strengthen your neck. It will also do wonders to improve your balance. I recommend this exercise to all athletes.

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