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Now that we know the importance of core strength, let's look at how we achieve this goal. First and foremost, you can forget about all the bullshit that you are accustomed to reading in fitness magazines or seeing on TV infomercials. Everyone wants to sell you a new miracle abdominal strengthening device. Forget about this bullshit and let's get down to business. You do not need ANY equipment to develop a powerful, functional core. The Warrior's core routine will give you a six-pack while packing plenty of functional strength to go along with it.

Before I discuss the specific exercises necessary to strengthen the core, let's first discuss an important misconception pertaining to the core. Abdominal infomercials often promise dramatic changes after a few days of training with their "magical" devices. These infomercials have created a huge misconception among the general public regarding abdominal strengthening and fat loss. You must realize that abdominal training does not significantly target the layer of fat that commonly covers these muscles.

Many believe that abdominal training will burn fat around the abs by targeting this area. This misconception is often known as spot reducing. It is impossible to spot reduce, meaning to target fat loss in one particular area. Body fat comes off uniformly.

There are plenty of people with strong abdominals who will never have a six-pack to show. if you want a six-pack, you need to reduce your body fat. Abdominal exercise will develop muscle but is not a miracle solution to fat loss. If you want to lose body fat, you need a comprehensive training program along with an effective nutritional plan. Stick with the Warrior's Guide!

Knee Hugs - Start from a lying position and thrust your upper and lower body together until you "hug" your knees.

Chinnies - Bring left elbow to right knee, then right elbow to left knee.

Russian Twists - Twist to the right and left with arms straight. Remain in a semi crunch position throughout this movement as you twist back and forth.

Chinnies - Bring left elbow to right knee, then right elbow to left knee.

V-Ups, Knee Hugs, Chinnies, and Russian Twists are four of the most effective abdominal exercises available. These exercises will quickly develop a powerful abdominal wall. Some Warrior Wannabes do four sets of 50 crunches. They should try 50 repetitions of these four exercises instead.

Leg Raise and Lift - Keep your legs straight and lift up until perpendicular with your upper body. When perpendicular, lift your butt upward off the ground.

Twisters- Remain upright with your abdominals tight and twist back and forth, touching your hands to the floor on each side of your body.

Janda Sit-Up- The Janda sit-up is designed to fatigue the rectus abdominals by eliminating the hip flexors from the sit-up movement. You must contract your legs against a bar that is positioned behind your calf muscles (keep your feet flat on the ground). The hip flexors are inactivated when you contract the hamstrings and glutes. In the illustration that follows, I have placed a bar on the inside of a door entrance. My legs are positioned over the bar. Throughout the entire movement, my legs pull against the bar. My feet remain on the ground as my hamstrings and glutes contract. You should apply as much pressure as you can against the immobile bar to cause maximum leg contraction. By contracting the legs, you remove the hip flexors from the sit-up, shifting the entire emphasis to your abdominal wall. You should attempt to drag your heels toward your butt. The bar will prevent motion but activates the hip extensors, thus removing the hip flexors from the movement. As you contract your hamstrings and glutes, curl your body up in a slow, controlled manner.

In the illustration you can see a bar that I have secured in the doorway. My legs pull into the bar, which contracts my hamstrings and glutes. The bar is immobile. Keep your feet grounded as your legs contract. Perform a complete sit-up in a controlled manner. Contract your legs throughout the entire movement. This exercise may look easy but you will change your mind after a few repetitions. I strongly recommend this exercise in your routine.

Straight Extensions - Contract upwards while maintaining straight arms and straight legs.

Ankle Wiggles - Wiggle back and forth as you touch your hands to the outsides of each ankle. Keep your abdominals contracted throughout.

Lateral Toe Touch Crunch

Alternating Toe Touch Crunch - With your legs straight, reach up and perform a toe touch by reaching left arm to right leg then right arm to left leg.

Sit-Up Hold - Hold an upright sit-up position as long as you can (with feet off the ground). This one will really burn!

Side Crunch - Lie on your side and crunch your upper and lower body together.

Side Crunch - Lie on your side and crunch your upper and lower body together.

Sit-Up Twist - Twist your right elbow to your left knee. Work each side separately. For example perform 25 repetitions to your left knee before switching to bring your left elbow to your right knee.

Thigh Swings

Lying Hip Swings - Lie with your legs straight and hands extended to your sides. Maintain straight legs and swing from left to right. Be sure to include this exercise in your routine!

Plank - The Plank is a tremendous exercise to develop the abdominal wall. Start in a pushup position, and then drop your elbows to the ground. Only your forearms and toes should touch the ground. Keep your back straight and hold. It may look easy but you will change your mind after 1 or 2 minutes!

Side Plank - Perform this version of the plank on your side. Be sure to work both sides evenly. You will be amazed at the effectiveness of these stationary movements.

Straight Arm Plank - This variation of the side plank involves a straight-arm hold.

Superman - Lift your arms and legs off the ground like Superman. Hold for 2 seconds and return to the ground. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

Alternating Superman - Lift one leg and arm at a time. Lift opposite sides, for example the right arm and left leg.

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