The following drills involve the use of a wooden board. I use a 2-inch by 4-inch (2x4) board. You can pick up a 6 or 8-foot board at your local lumber company for a few dollars. It is well worth the price considering the benefits that you will gain from these drills.

Squats - Perform a squat on the board. Your feet must NOT come in contact with the floor. You will need to adjust your feet accordingly. In the illustration, I am on my toes. My heels remain hanging off the back of the board but do not come in contact with the floor. I keep my hands behind my head. Close your eyes to increase the challenge. This exercise is excellent to increase balance!

If you really want a challenge, you can perform One-Legged Squats on the board!

Lunge - Perform a lunge while on the board. Your feet should not touch the floor. You can work one leg at a time or perform the lunge walk across the length of the board.

One Leg Skiing - Position yourself on one leg while bending over at the waist. This is the position of a downhill skier. Add to the difficult by squatting down on your supporting leg (as illustrated to the right). Perform this movement with both legs.

Heel-Toe Walking - Walk heel to toe on the board. Repeat backwards.

Ball Pass - Play catch with a partner while you balance on the board. Your balance will be challenged as you throw and catch the ball while avoiding contact with the ground.

360 Degree Walking - Walk along the board in a 360-degree spinning motion. You should spin in one direction as you walk along the board. Return to your starting position by reversing the movement.

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