Animal Rectangles

This drill is designed for conditioning. You can perform this drill on a soccer field or any other large open area. The object of the Animal Rectangle is to alternate between sprints and animal walks. You will sprint the long sides of the rectangle and animal walk the shorter sides. The sprint distance should be between 50 and 100 meters with the animal walk portion approximately 25 meters in length. Perform this drill until you have completed 10 sprints and 10 animal walks. You can select from any of the above previously listed animal walks. Here is a sample:

1. Sprint

11. Sprint

2. Crab Walk

12. Crab Walk

3. Sprint

13. Sprint

4. Bear Crawl

14. Bear Crawl

5. Sprint

15. Sprint

6. Bunny Hop

16. Bunny Hop

7. Sprint

17. Sprint

8. Cricket Walk

18. Cricket Walk

9. Sprint

19. Sprint

10. Frog Jump

20. Frog Jump

Animal Walk

Animal Walk

Animal Walk


Animal Walk


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