The ingredients used in this mixture is as follows protein powder Meal Replacement a carbohydrate powder glutamine powder creatine and grape juice optional

Each of these ingredients affects the three different hormones in their own way. Combined together in the right ratios according to your own bodyweight can create a synergy of muscle building compounds. After a week on this "cocktail" you'll get some of the most unbeliveable pumps during and after your workout than you ever thought imaginable.

This shake needs to be mixed before your workout and put in a cool place. It needs to be available to you immediately after your workout. I can't emphasize this enough. You need to be able to get to it within a few minutes after the last rep of your workout.

The reason you need to consume it so quickly is for a couple of reasons. The first is that your body's rate of protein synthesis doubles following your workout. This is the perfect time to load your body up on protein. The second is immediately following exercise your body is in a catabolic state because your cortisol levels are rising. And we know one of the keys to building muscle is keeping our cortisol levels down and testosterone levels up.

The carbohydrates in the after workout drink will create an insulin spike in your system. The grape juice helps do this too. If you don't like grape juice simply add more carbohydrate powder to make up the difference of 16 oz. When insulin in your body goes up it drives cortisol levels out. Science has already discovered the two operate indirectly with each other. When cortisol levels are lowered your testosterone to cortisol ratio is tilted in the favor of testosterone.

At the end of a workout your body is also depleted in glycogen stores. During your workout your body relies on some of these stores to give energy to your muscle in order to lift the weights. This puts your body into a state of glycogen depletion. When you consume carbohydrates your body will quickly absorb those carbohydrates in order to quickly replace them within the muscle. You can take advantage of this by "piggybacking" other critical supplements for muscle growth. By using the carbohydrates as a shuttle you can quickly put your body into an anabolic state after your workout.

While everyone else is going into a catabolic state you will be doing the exact opposite. Your growth will skyrocket as a result!

The glutamine in the shake is for the raising of your growth hormone. Taking the same shuttle theory and applying it we can get a dramatic increase in all these hormones with the ingredients in the shake.

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I hope you are beginning to see why I suggested you use powders for these particular supplements instead of pills. The absorption rate is much higher with the powders than with the pills especially when mixed into a liquid shake. Your goal is to get your body to digest this shake as fast as possible getting all these supplements into your system at lightning fast speed.

Here are the ingredients for creating your shake according to your bodyweight (lean body mass):

16 oz. Grape Juice_

0.25 grams of protein per pound of body mass_

0.8 grams of carbohydrate per pound of body mass 0.05 grams of creatine for every pound of body mass. 0.1 gram of glutamine per pound of bodyweight

An example of a "cocktail" for a 200 lb. with 10% bodyfat is as follows:

50 grams of protein 80 grams of carbohydrate powder 20 grams of glutamine 10 grams of creatine

16 oz. Of grape juice (approximately 80grams of carbohydrates) Mix in blender or shaker cup and chill before you workout.

Turbo Charged Fitness With The Tabata System

Turbo Charged Fitness With The Tabata System

The Tabata workout system is a version of the High Intensity Interval Training program developed by Professor Izumi Tabata as training for Olympic speed skaters in 1996. The results studies conducted on the training program confirm that even a four minute cardiovascular exercise routine improves a persons level of fitness.

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