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The three previous formulas have so far only dealt with packing on lean muscle. But there are times when you need to shed some extra fat.

The other formulas are pretty easy to put together because their ingredients are so readily available. With this one, you 'll. need to do a lot of extra homework trying to put this together. If that's too much trouble, I'll tell you some good supplements you can use that will be pretty close to the "ideal" fat burner. This section will also help you know what to look for when you are shopping for a fat burner.

When using this compound I am assuming you are on some kind of calorie restricted diet. An important point to remember when looking for a fat burner is what happens to your body when calories are restricted.

Your metabolism, which is responsible for burning calories, begins to slow down. Your thyroid, which is partly responsible for regulating your metabolism, begins to slow the conversion rate of a particular thyroid hormone (T3). When T3 levels decline your metabolism declines. This is an important argument for taking a fat burning, which does more than the ephredine/caffeine/asprin stack. (ECA).

The ECA stack is a thermogenic compound, which is quite effective in burning off fat. But the effects diminish the longer you use it; and some people don't like the jittery feeling they get when they are on this.

In designing this compound I will assume you want the most potent, legal, fat burning compound on earth. If I do make this assumption, then some form of the ECA stack would be included in this formula. Our objective is to take this formula to a whole new level.

I mentioned earlier you needed to prevent T3 levels from declining while on a calorie restricted program. An ingredient called guggulstrones can help prevent this from happening and therefore it should be included in your fat burning stack.

L-tyrosine, which seems to improve the thermogenic effect of ephredine based products like the ECA stack. Alpha lipoic acid has been shown to act as an insulin mimicker, which could help with insulin sensitivity and fat loss. And finally yohimbine, which helps the body utilize fatty acids and increases heat production in the body.

The ingredients in this highly potent fat burning stack is as follows:

200 mg of caffeine_

200 mg of l-tyrosine_

5 mg of yohimbine_

25 mg of MaHaung (8% ephedra)_

200 mg of guggul extract_

200 mg Alpha lipoic acid_

300 mg of aspirin_

This should be taken 1 -3 times a day.

Side note: Some companies manufacture a version of the ECA stack and another product, which contains l-tyrosine and guggul, extract. You could stack these two supplements for excellent results or mix your own according to the above recommendations.

Experiment with the dosing pattern no matter how much you weigh.

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