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Dumbbell Routines and Exercises

Dumbbell Exercises and Lifting Routines

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Start your first superset with a light warm up set of Leg Curls for twenty five repetitions. Then immediately proceed to Leg Extensions and complete another twenty five repetitions.

Let your breathing be natural do not attempt any forceful inhaling or exhaling. Your body knows best how to get maximum oxygen into your muscles.

With your heart rate up walk around for thirty seconds then stretch your hamstrings by touching your toes for a count of twenty. When stretching work slowly into a position that is fairly intense to hold then begin your twenty counts!

Now perform a hurdlers stretch for each thigh again holding a count of twenty. This adds up to a minute of stretching.

If you feel you need to warm up a little more perform one more warm up superset complete with stretching.

Now you are ready to perform your two working super sets of Leg curls/ Leg extensions. Psyche yourself up and get ready!

Adjust the first set weights for both the Leg Extension and Leg Curl machines so at your current strength you can complete eight repetitions with good form.

Use Gravity Edge Principle One. Rest for two minutes then get mentally psyched to resume with your last Leg Extension /Leg Curl superset!

Increase the weight to allow 4 to six repetitions at your current strength level before failure.

A small sip of water can be swallowed now, and then keep going. You do not want to rest too much as to cool down between exercises.

Now it is time to move to superset number two, Seated Calf Raise supersetted with Cable Crunches.

Again perform a warm up set of twenty five repetitions of Seated Calf Raises then immediately perform twenty five slow purposeful repetitions of Cable Crunches.

After stand on a raised curb or block with the ball of your foot, your heels hanging over edge. Lower your heels to stretch your calves for a count to twenty.

A good abdominal stretch is to stand up with your hands on your sides' elbows back. Lean backwards feeling a slight stretch in the abdominal wall. Hold for twenty seconds.

Now again perform your two working sets. Increase your weight with abdominals as well they are similar to any other muscle in that they respond to increased resistance.

Follow the same repetition pattern of one superset of eight repetitions Calf Raises and eight repetitions Cable Crunches. Then complete your last superset of four to six repetitions for each exercise.

Now proceed to Chin Ups supersetted with Incline Smith Machine Press. The first set of both of these exercises is a warm up as both muscles have not been worked out yet.

I prefer to warm up with the Latissimus Pull Down Machine then, for my work sets, proceed to the Chin Ups. If you are a beginner you may do all your sets on the Lat Pull Down Machine instead of doing Chin Ups.

Do your first set of twenty five Chin Ups and then immediately proceed to The Incline Smith Machine Press.

Between this super set I like to hang from a Chin Up bar to really stretch my back. Experiment with the angle you are hanging to get a good stretch then start your count to twenty.

Complete your working sets with the required weights that will permit eight good repetitions on the first superset and finally four to six repetitions for the second superset. Keep conscious of having great form and really feeling the muscles being worked! Just like as if your worst critic won't take his or her eyes off of you! Now proceed to the next superset.

The next superset is Flat Bench Flyes followed immediately by Hanging Shrugs.

Perform these exercises following the established pattern stretching the chest between sets by putting your right arm out to the side parallel to the floor and grabbing a pole or workout machine. It doesn't matter which one as long as it is stable and your arm is parallel. As you are holding the pole, your palm facing forward, push your right chest forward by twisting at the waist. Keep your shoulder and arm stationary, embraced by the pole. You should feel a good stretch in your right chest muscle.

Count to twenty holding a good stretch then repeat with your left side. Perform your two working sets then move to the next superset! Keep up the pace here now remember your goal is to finish this workout in forty five minutes!

Set up the required dumbbells for your Dumbbell Shoulder Press and Lateral Side Raises superset before you start to allow you to continue this superset with less than a three second pause between the two exercise sets of the superset.

You may immediately proceed to your first working set. A warm up set is not required as you have by this time thoroughly warmed up your upper body. After you are done eight beautiful productive repetitions of Shoulder Press, immediately pick up the set of light dumbbells you previously set out weighing ten or fifteen pounds. Perform eight repetitions of Side Laterals.

Again here weight is subjective to your strength. Keep the weight lower and work on good form really feeling the muscle instead of trying to just push heavy weights at any cost!

Rest a minute and complete your last superset performing four to six repetitions of each exercise.

Finish your last two super sets of arms and congratulate yourself you are done the hard part!

Look at your watch and record the time it took you to complete your workout. Go and eat your pre prepped post workout meal!

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