To Increase Fat Loss and Accelerate Muscle Building Alternate Between Training For Max Fat Loss Days and Training For Max Muscle Days On The Pre Post Workout Eating Schedule

95% of people start a diet and for the first few weeks to a month later everything seems to be working fine! Then things change! Progress comes to a halt and after a few unproductive weeks so does your will to continue to diet! So what do you do when your fat loss routine isn't losing fat? Well The Detailed Dieter never has this fate because of a jealously guarded secret! Alternating between the two eating plans on the Pre / Post Workout Schedule Below! The usual halt in fat loss caused by a negative fixed calorie diet plan is avoided as a result of giving the body the overload shock of calories after the workout. Muscle growth is fueled from the carb load which is much more effective after intense weight training! The chances of the excess calories storing as fat are low as hungry muscle cells suck up every last carbohydrate! Give them what they want and prevent your body from rationing its food supplies at the same time! Spells increased muscle and accelerated fat loss!

Five Foods That Build Muscle

Five Foods That Build Muscle

How to properly fuel your body before and after your workouts, with the right nutrients and in the right way, for maximum results week after week! Find out why protein and hardwork is not enough...and why your results will suffer unless you add these other 5 foods to your muscle-building plan.

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