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Before you begin set three set up all the different weight Dumbbells you are going to require for the drop set. This will ensure you are not allowing your muscles to recuperate by having to grab dumbbells. It is important for maximum effect that you do not rest any more than three seconds between your drop sets! Take a few deep breaths and prepare yourself as the pre set regimen prescribed here. Now begin the Dumbbell Press using a weight that is a challenge for you to finish six repetitions. Focus on good stable form, and go nice and slow using Gravity Edge Principle One. Put down the dumbbells you are using and grab the next lightest set of dumbbells you set out before you started. (About seventy percent the weight of the first dumbbells)

Dumbbell Bench Press using these dumbbells for as many repetitions as you can. Apply Gravity Edge Principle Two! When you can do no more, grab the third lightest set of dumbbells which for maximum effect will be about forty to fifty percent of your maximum starting weight. Immediately Dumbbell Bench Press using these dumbbells for as many repetitions as possible again using Gravity Edge Principle Two! It is easy to stop here but do not! Instead take the weights you set out for your Alternate Dumbbell Curls and pound out eight to ten repetitions.

The gradual pyramiding up of your weight with the Alternate Dumbbell Curls is now peaked. Go no heavier than this last set. The rest of the sets of Alternate Dumbbell Curls are to be performed with a weight that allows you to finish eight to ten repetitions.

At this point your chest will have gotten some rest while you were performing the Alternate Dumbbell Curl Biceps movement. You may rest another thirty seconds to a minute at the most before you start your next and last drop set. For your last set repeat the format of the previous drop set using the same weights. Do your best to duplicate the same amount of repetitions of the former drop set.

Use your own discretion as to whether you are in good enough shape to perform another brutal drop set! If you are a seasoned trainer you will benefit from performing two drop sets per each exercise. If you are just beginning or are over forty I recommend stopping after one of these drop set superset routines and proceeding to your next set of exercises.

Once you have warmed up with your first exercise it is not necessary or productive to warm up again for each following exercise. Instead start with doing your heaviest weight and perform the two drop sets only! For example following the Monday routine below, after you have performed your first warm up exercise of Dumbbell Bench Press/Alternate Dumbbell Curls and your one or two sets of drop sets, go directly to doing your maximum weight for six repetitions for the Incline Hammer Strength Press. If the gym you train at does not have Hammer Strength equipment, any incline movement like Incline Dumbbell Press will be fine to substitute.

Phase 3 Option 1: Daily Body Part Combinations


Workout # _Muscles to Superset


Chest / Biceps / Abdominals


Back / Triceps


Legs / Calves / Shoulders

Option 2 Workout #

Muscles to Superset


Chest, Triceps, Front Deltoids, Abdominals


Back, Biceps, Rear Deltoids


Legs, Calves, Lower Back, Forearms

For an option two workout program click here Example Routine for Phase Three (Option One)

Workout 1 Option 1: Chest / Biceps / Abdominals


Dumbbell Bench Press Superset W/ Alternate Dumbbell Curls


Incline Hammer Strength Press Superset W/ Easy Bar Barbell Curls


Incline Or Flat Bench Dumbbell Flyes Superset W/ Preacher Curls


Decline Barbell Press Superset W/ Abdominal Crunches

Workout 2 Option 1: Back / Triceps


Front Lat Pull Downs Superset W/ Triceps Rope Extensions behind Head


Dumbbell Rowing Superset W/ Triceps French Curls


Close Grip Chin Ups Superset W/ Triceps Kick Backs

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