What to do

The initial advice is don't panic, accept the illness and rest up. I would advise against weight training as this will use up energy and nutrients needed to fight the illness, and will be more stress on the system. If you have a cold, for the early heavy stages don't train, then go back to the gym, and train as you can manage without overdoing it. Remember to keep warm if you come out from the gym sweaty.

Some illnesses will not affect "The ideal recommendation would be appetite, in which case, continue with your normal good to consume Protein drinks °r MRPs, diet including plenty of fluids. but I don't know about you, if I'm not

If your appetite is diminished, eat smal l and often of whatever feelinJ Jreat the mere thought of them you can - junk food is ideal at makes me feel worse..."

this time because its full of valuable calories and is tasty. The hardest situation is if you are nauseous or vomiting. During nausea, eat what you can and often fluids are tolerated fine, even if food isn't. The ideal recommendation would be to consume protein drinks or MRPs, but I don't know about you, if I'm not feeling great the mere thought of them makes me feel worse, even though I generally find them quite palatable when I'm well. Generally sugary drinks are a great source of valuable fluid and energy, sip them as tolerated. Fizzy drinks may relieve nausea but they can bloat if gulped and may cause regurgitation. Flavoured milk shakes are also useful and enjoyable at these times. If you can eat, dry foods and crisps are generally better tolerated.

We've all had those illnesses when we can't even stomach water despite being extremely thirsty. The advice here is don't even try, the mere thought can make you worse! Each hour just try a sip of water or suck on an ice cube, if this stays down progress firstly to a small glass of water, then to a sugary drink. The first foods tried should be toast or a plain biscuit, eventually progress to a small meal.

Diarrhoea will also affect your nutrition; it is vital here to try to stay well hydrated. Sip fluids as frequently as you can tolerate. Electrolyte fluid replacement drinks (see Chapter 6) may also be useful. If you have a raised temperature it is also important to drink plenty and try to stay in cool environment.

Don't rush back to the gym too soon! It may be better to wait an extra day rather than have further setbacks. If you continue to suffer from sickness and diarrhoea for more than 24 hours seek advice from your doctor.

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