Weeks Four and Three Pre Contest

At this time a few more things need to be excluded, and 11 yOUU diet is tOO lOW replaced by suitable nutritional substitutes. This is the in £Dt intake yOU Will time when you should exclude all dairy-derived products, i.e. milk (yes, in tea and coffee), yoghurts, not Duun D°dy IHX

whey protein and MRPs. It is still important to keep efficiently.

your carbohydrate intake low but regular, and include monounsaturated fat and oily fish for omega-3 PUFAs. If your diet is too low in fat intake you will not burn body fat efficiently, and it could also have a detrimental effects on muscle mass. For this reason, I suggest another serving of olive oil (two in total) to up the fats a bit.

It is crucial to include plenty of vegetables to fill up on and to provide vitamins and minerals. It is not essential that you combine protein sources from this period on, as you are not looking to gain muscle just maintain. But protein intake should remain high and even more frequent, preferably every two hours that you are awake. Best protein sources are chicken, turkey and both white and oily fish. Pulses can be eaten in moderation, but not too much due to the carbohydrate content. Red meat may be eaten occasionally to vary protein quality. It may also be useful to have another two-gram serving of glutamine, to help minimise any potential catabolism.

By this point you will have been on a very low calorie intake for some time, and too low carbohydrate intake for such a long period of time may lead to adaptation by the body and your metabolism will be slower. Exercise will help hype the metabolism, and it is also a good idea every 7-10 days to up your carbohydrate intake for a 24 hour period (say to 200-300g) to give your metabolism a kick-start. This will also help you mentally.

Fluid intake should be plentiful, so drink water whenever you are thirsty. Weight training should be as hard as you can and still intense, by this time is unlikely that you will still be building muscle, although you can still efficiently maintain size, and although you are losing weight, you will appear bigger due to increased muscle definition. Continue with regular cardiovascular work during this time.

Cease the use of creatine monohydrate during this period. I still suggest taking amino acid capsules with meals to help ensure protein quality. GABA may still be used as a sleeping aid on some nights.

Figure 11: Example menu plan of pre-contest preparation from weeks 4-3 pre-contest.


Wake 7.30 am 7.30

8.00 breakfast



/ small chicken breast (60g) Tuna (150g)

1-2 slices wholemeal bread 5-6 amino acid capsules


18g 35g



50ml orange juice + 2g glutamine + 1 tblsp olive oil Tea/coffee (black) + 2g creatine + sweetener

1 small chicken breast (120g) 36g

2 rice cakes




1 small chicken breast (120g)

1 slice wholemeal bread Huge salad

5-6 amino acid capsules

Tuna (150g)

2 rice cakes

1 small chicken breast (120g) 50g boiled brown rice

/ small chicken breast (60g)


18.30 (after training) 1 small chicken breast (120g)


20.30 21.30 23.30

23.30 bed

Mackerel (125g) / small chicken breast (60g) Either 1 small jacket potato or 50g boiled brown rice or 75g boiled wholewheat pasta Vegetables, inc. small amount pulses 4-6 amino acid capsules

Mug green tea with lemon juice

1 small chicken breast (120g)

35g 36g 18g

26g 18g

50ml orange juice + 2g glutamine + 1 tblsp olive oil GABA in low sugar fruit cordial 1 small chicken breast (120g) 36g



You will notice that the total protein intake is considerably higher here. This is to prevent catabolism of muscle tissue, which after strict dieting, and loads of exercise for weeks , is likely. Protein is consumed at least every two hours. I have suggested chicken and tuna mostly, but do vary the sources, and, if you are on a tighter budget, turkey is generally cheaper.

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