Week 2 Pre Contest

By this time you will probably be feeling very low in energy, and should be 2-3lbs maximum above your lowest weight, if you are not there already. If you have not reached this level, then you will need to take drastic measures and cut your carbohydrate right down for a few days and exclude olive oil. Protein intake may also need to be dropped a little, which may result in a little muscle loss, but this is necessary in order to harden up more. However, if you are on target, there is no need to reduce protein intake nor omit the olive oil, and you may continue to diet and exercise much in the same way as you have done in weeks four and three pre-contest.

Apart form re-evaluating yourself, the only other change should be sodium manipulation. The object of this is so the physique doesn't show any water retention on the day of the show. During this week you need to actually increase your sodium intake and continue to drink plenty of fluid. This will lead to more water retention, so when sodium and fluid is restricted prior to the show, there will be a rebound effect and you will lose all the excess water. The recommended intake of sodium for a healthy adult is 1,600mg a day (DoH 1991), and bodybuilders generally consume less than this amount. Start to eat more high sodium foods this week.

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