Supplements that dont contain what their Labels Claim

Yes, believe it or not, despite being listed clearly in the ingredients, laboratory studies have revealed some products do not contain what is listed! This is how they manage to sell their brand at a low price. This includes products which contain far less protein than is claimed (as high protein content is always a great seller), and hardly any of the active ingredient.

Unfortunately, I cannot name names, although I would love to, and I'm sure there are loads of companies that behave in this way, far more often than I've ever heard of. It is a plain breach of trades description. Many keen bodybuilders who have been buying supplements for years are now aware of this and stick to their faithful, more reputable brands, but the vulnerable are the newcomers, especially the young guys. It is quite often the case that when expensive products like creatine monohydrate, MRPs, whey protein and HMB are offered at discount prices, they don't contain what they say. Although I must make the point here that I strongly feel that the more reputable companies need not sell their quality products at such extortionate prices!

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Body Building Secrets Revealed

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