Sandwiches or rolls can be filled with a wide range of different fillings to make them exciting and tempting. Be generous with these fillings as they are a good source or protein, and have two or more different fillings at each snack to combine protein sources.

Some tasty examples are listed below, but experiment and you'll come up with your own:

♦ Tuna with low fat natural yoghurt and sweetcorn

♦ Chicken or turkey slices with lettuce

♦ Cold lean roast beef or pork

♦ Cottage cheese and pineapple

♦ Low fat cream cheese / cheese spread supplement salad

♦ Salmon and cucumber

♦ Quorn deli slices

One slice of bread with a topping like sardines, sliced meat or cheese with salad makes a great 'open' sandwich, for a change.

If you have a good appetite a double decker will hit the spot. This is 3 slices of bread with a different filling at each level.

For the more adventurous of you a sandwich pudding is a great small meal or snack. Cut up a made sandwich and place in an oven dish; pour on egg and skimmed milk mixed up and bake until golden (about 180 C for 30 minutes).

Cheese, fish, baked beans can be served as a toasted sandwich, which is easy to prepare, and an enjoyable change.

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